NU SHU: The Secret Songs of Women - Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts 2015

2015-02-21 20:00 - 22:00

NU SHU: The Secret Songs of Women - Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts 2015

When: 21 Feb Sat 20:00 2015
Where: Esplanade Concert Hall

 The Secret Songs of Women


"Full of warmth and love, the music of Nu Shu melds together the secrets of women, lessons from mothers to daughters, sadness, nature and power of life." - Shimbun Akahata, Japan

A secret language passed down from mothers to daughters, through generations of music and tradition.

NU SHU: The Secret Songs of Women is a spellbinding and intimate look into the lives of the women of a remote village in Hunan, China. Award-winning composer and conductor Tan Dun delves into the fast-disappearing world of Nu Shu, the only existing language in the world today used exclusively by females.

Tan Dun

Tan Dun

Thirteen microfilms provide a glimpse into a private bond of sisterhood, accompanied by Tan Dun's compositions inspired by the ancient music of the community. Tan Dun conducts the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra and guest solo harpist Chen Yuying from Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, providing the evocative score to heartrending everyday scenes of village life-elderly Nu Shu women sing with tearful dedication; younger members ready themselves in their wedding dresses; a young female rows down a river of symbolic tears-all connected together by an ancient form of communication that continues to be an essential element of life in the village.

Join Tan Dun as he conducts the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra in a programme featuring Nu Shu and familiar works from the Chinese classical repertoire including Li Huanzhi's celebratory Spring Festival Overture and Liu Yuan's Train Toccata. The concert also features guzheng virtuoso Yuan Li, who performs the timeless work Fisherman Boat Song, and erhu musician Zhao Lei, who performs a soulful interpretation of Zhao Jiping's The Grand Mansion Gate.


DURATION: 2hrs, including 20min intermission


Price: $38/48/68/88/108
Tel: 65-68288377
Add: 1 Esplanade Drive, Singapore


*Information provided by Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts

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