UCCA MakerLAB: The Art of Wood Polishing

2015-01-18 14:00 - 16:00

UCCA MakerLAB: The Art of Wood Polishing

When: 18 Jan 2015, Sunday 14:00
Where: Ullens Center For Contemporary Art

 The Art of Wood Polishing


Constructing furniture, from carving the raw materials to painting it with a finish, is a process of more than fifty steps that can take several months to complete, and only after polishing the wood several times, can a glossy layer of lacquer be securely applied. The development of new machinery has yielded some success in the polishing process but still does not match the results of polishing by hand. For this workshop, UCCA and furniture makers MORELESS invite you to experience this time honored process of hand polishing. UCCA has also prepared refreshments.


The Art of Wood Polishing
Polishing: In the process of creating traditional furniture once the approximate form is complete, a scraper blade, shaver, file, rasp, and coarse-haired cloth are successively used to make each part of the entire piece shine.

Polishing furniture is one of most important aspects of its creation. In old times there was a saying, "three parts carving, seven parts polish." Polishing gives the object its final form, revealing the quality of line and surface, and completing the process that begins by carving the material. A fine polish is not only smooth and supple to the touch, it compliments the carving, giving the wood a life and color all its own.


Founded by Chinese designer Hou Zhengguang in 2009, MORELESS is a contemporary furniture brand focused on reviving traditional design aesthetics.


Ticket: 50 / 0 (UCCA members)RMB
Tel: 010-57800203
Add: 798 Art District, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing


*Information provided by Ullens Center For Contemporary Art

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