E'tolan x Okinawa Island Scenery - Taiwan International Festival of Arts 2015

2015-03-20 19:30 - 2015-03-21 21:00

E'tolan x Okinawa Island Scenery - Taiwan International Festival of Arts 2015

When: 20 -21 Mar 2015 Fri-Sat 19:30
Where: National Theater Concert Hall - Recital Hall

E'tolan x Okinawa Island Scenery

E'tolan x Okinawa Island Scenery


Calling for the Sunny Wind and Ocean from Islands Traveling the Homeland through Time and Space
The traditional Ami chant, "Elders Drinking Song", sung by Kuo Ying-nan and his wife was adopted by the German musical project Enigma in "Return to Innocence", which was later selected as the theme song of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. The beautiful voice of the Taiwan aboriginals was therefore heard and learned worldwide. Also originated from the Ami tribe, Suming has been trying to introduce different music elements into the traditional music since his first album, such as electronic music, Latin dance music, rock and roll as well as orchestra, thereby enriching Taiwan's aboriginal music. With his efforts, his ethnic language and traditional music are included in the popular music, creating a new wave of enthusiasm for the aboriginal music in Taiwan.

Suming is fascinated by Kachimba's perfect combination of Cuban Latin and Okinawa traditional music. Their encounter brings forth this unique concert that incorporates ancient tunes from the Ami tribe and Okinawa, Latin music as well as modern music works in both Taiwan and Okinawa. It is bound to be concern infused with energies from the mountains and sea.


Suming is a multi-talented Amis musician, singer and songwriter in Taiwan. His album Suming won the Golden Melody Awards for the Best Aboriginal Album in 2011. He has written songs, been engaged in traditional bamboo weaving, danced in theaters, held painting exhibitions and won the Golden Horse Award for the best newcomer, but never has he forgotten his roots and the important task in caring for the youth in the aboriginal communities.


Originated from Okinawa, Japan, Kachimba has traveled all the way to Cuba to learn Latin music. A combination of percussion, bass, guitar and wind instrument, this band integrates traditional Okinawa music with Latin elements, creating a style that is full of passion and ocean flavor.


Tips: Approx. 90 minutes without intermission. Performed in Mandarin, Japanese and Amis language without surtitles. The age guidance for this production is 6+.Recording


Price: NT$ 800 / 1000
Tel: 886-2-33939888
Add: 21-1 Chung-Shan S. Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Official Website: Suming


*Information provided by National Theater Concert Hall

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