Palermo Palermo - Taiwan International Festival of Arts 2015

2015-03-05 19:30 - 2015-03-08 17:10

Palermo Palermo - Taiwan International Festival of Arts 2015

When: 5 - 7 Mar 2015 Thu-Sat 19:30, 8 Mar 2015 Sun 14:30
Where: National Theater Concert Hall - National Theater

Palermo Palermo

Palermo Palermo ©Laurent Philippe (Ensemble Palermo Palermo)

碧娜·鲍许乌帕塔舞蹈剧场六度访台 传奇作品《巴勒摩、巴勒摩》国家戏剧院重装上演

"Most Compelling Work, Full of Beauty, Horror and Surreal Humor!" - Daily Telegraph

Pina Bausch's Masterpiece, A Must-see for Lin Hwai-min! Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch is coming to Taiwan for the sixth time. With a record of completely sold-out within the shortest time for every performance in Taiwan, the company is expected to make another record with Pina Bausch's masterpiece Palermo, Palermo this time. On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall collapsed. Just as an essential page of European history seemed to be written in Germany, Pina Bausch was in Sicily, Italy, an island governed by both the God and the Mafia, and created the piece bearing the name of the capital city in Sicily.

In silence, the black curtains rise to reveal a tall wall blocking the entire width of the stage. Suddenly, without warning, the wall collapses inwards, filling the stage with rubble and the air with red dust. Dancers walk through the ruins either barefoot or in high-heels. As if in a collective vertigo, the glamorous dance begins in the rubbles: six pianists playing the opening of Tchaikovsky's concerto; a woman who dabs her lips with sugar imploring for a kiss; 28 dancers shouting and begging to each other, telling the lightness and sadness of their lives; scenes of absurdity interwoven with irrelevant passages-all singing the same motif of life: craving for love and redemption through love. Since its premiere in 1989, Palermo, Palermo has amazed numerous audiences around the world. Now it finally comes to Taiwan and leads the Taiwan audiences to search for love in the ruins.


Pina Bausch
Pina Bausch, one of the greatest choreographers in the 20th century with the most far-reaching influence, creates the German Tanztheater (dance theater) that becomes one of the most influential movements in contemporary dance, along with American Postmodern dance and Japanese Butoh. Her Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch also becomes a legend in modern dance. Not only does Pina Bausch create a new form for dance, she also re-defines dance.


Creative Team
Director and Choreographer: Pina Bausch
Set Design: Peter Pabst
Costume Design: Marion Cito
Musical Collaboration: Matthias Burkert
Production: Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch


Tips: Approx. 160 minutes with an intermission. Pre-talk: 30 minutes before every performance at the Lobby of National Theater. Post-talk: 8 Mar (Sun) at the Lobby of National Theater. The age guidance for this production is 12. The performance contains adult subject matter, nudity, smoke and loud sounds. Viewer discretion is advised.


Price: NT$ 700/900/1200/1800/2400/3000/3600
Tel: 886-2-33939888
Add: 21-1 Chung-Shan S. Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Official Website: Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch


*Information provided by National Theater Concert Hall

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