Mensheng China Tour 2015 Wuhan & Changsha Station

2015-01-09 20:30 - 2015-01-10 23:59

Mensheng China Tour 2015 Wuhan & Changsha Station

When: 9 Jan 2015 Fri 20:30

When: 10 Jan 2015 Sat 20:30

Mensheng China Tour 2015 Wuhan & Changsha Station


Mensheng was formed in January 2006, by Joe Wu (guitar), Pakto Luk (drums) and Danny Cheng (bass) after the break-up of their previous band. In search of an additional guitarist, they met Billy Chan through seeking help from their friends. To complete the line up, Joe approached his friend Benny Cheng to join the band as the vocals.

Mensheng blends heavy riffs with emotional melodies to create their unique sound. With lyrics that focus mainly on life and social issues, they try to be honest yet giving hope to their audience.

Since their first show in August 2007, Mensheng had played in a big portion of shows in Hong Kong. Their energetic and emotional performance always left audience something to chew on. In December 2008, Mensheng organized their first ever Southern China tour with Taiwanese screamo band Vanish. It was a successful tour as the band has explored a new audience outside of Hong Kong.

2009 marked an important year for Mensheng as the band went into the studio to record their highly anticipated debut album "Twisted Sight". Produced by Brian Wong (guitarist of King Ly Chee) and the band, the album has received positive reviews. In July 2009, Mensheng toured in Taiwan to promote their new album. Shortly after coming back home, Mensheng organized their own CD Release Show to showcase their songs from the album.


Continuing to promote their new album, in January 2010, Mensheng performed in Guangzhou's I Scream Festival. Their powerful performance gave thousands of audience some good reasons to mosh and sing along. Working hard as usual, the band went on to promote their album in Shenzhen, Macau and other areas.

In the beginning of 2011, they spent a few months filiming a documentary with RTHK, this documentary gave the fans a deeper look to the band members. In the summer of 2011, Mensheng and Hotpot Music organized an eight cities China tour including Chengdu, Xian, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou & Hong Kong.

However due the leaving of a few members, Mensheng spent most of 2012 and 2013 searching for new blood. Fortunately, by 2014 all final members was confirmed, allowing them to once again focus on them song writing and performance. With this line up, they embarked on the South China tour again and will be bringing the fans and audience their second album in 2015.

Current line up
Vocalist: Benny Cheng
Guitarist: Billy Chan
Guitarist: KC Wong
Bassist: Heung Pan
Drummer: Antonio Fung


Price: 40/60 RMB


Tel: 0731-85539946
Add: first floor Xiangcai Building, No. 52 Xinmin Road, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan

Tel: 027-87596030
Add: next Everbright Bank, Guoguang Building, 118 Lumo Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei

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