Cabaret: The 3 Singing Bitches

2015-01-15 20:00 - 2015-01-17 21:10

Cabaret: The 3 Singing Bitches

When: 15-17 Jan 2015 Thu-Sat 20:00
Where: Fringe Dairy, Fringe Club

The 3 Singing Bitches

The 3 Singing Bitches

卡巴莱骚:The 3 Singing Bitches

The 3 Singing Bitches are Angelita Li, Rick Lau and Margaret Cheung. They star in musicals. They sing backing vocals for pop stars. They grow their own veggies. Come join these 3 singing bitches as they try to find their place in this big bad world of musical theatre, cabaret, a cappella, jazz, J-pop, Thai-pop and Cantopop, with the help of songs by the likes of Peter, Paul & Mary; Lambert, Hendrix & Ross; Jason Robert Brown, and even a bit of Akina, Seiko and Matchy.

They just love to sing. Let them sing and they are happy. Sing out, bitches.


Directed by Yuri Ng
Written by Tony Taylor
Accompanied on piano by Alan Chan

Yuri Ng

Yuri Ng

Yuri Ng
Director & Choreographer. Born in Hong Kong, Yuri Ng received ballet training in Hong Kong, Canada and England. He was awarded the Adeline Genée Gold Medal from the Royal Academy of Dancing in 1983 before joining The National Ballet of Canada as a dancer.

Since his return to Asia in 1993, Ng has choreographed for various performing companies including Hong Kong Ballet, City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong Dance Company, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Zuni Icosahedron, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre 2 (Taiwan), Singapore Dance Theatre, Dua Space (Malaysia), and Archi-Tanz (Japan).

Ng received the "Artist of the Year Award-Choreographer", from the Hong Kong Artists' Guild in 1997; and in 1998, he was awarded Prix d'Auteur at the 6th Rencontres Choreographiques Internationale de Seine-St-Denis (Bagnolet) with his choreography of Boy Story. His choreographies of Ciao Ciao Suzie Wong, Rite of Spring, Min Jian Chuan Qi and A Soldier's Story received the Hong Kong Dance Alliance Dance Award in 1999, 2004, 2006 and 2008 respectively.


In English
Performer about 70 mins.
Not suitable for people under 6 years of age.


Price: $220/$180
Tel: 852-25217251
Add: 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong


*Information provided by Fringe Club

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