Converging Beams - E-Side Dance Company

2015-01-30 20:00 - 2015-01-31 22:00

Converging Beams - E-Side Dance Company

When: 30-31 Jan 2015 Fri-Sat 20:00
Where: Theatre, Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre

Converging Beams - E-Side Dance Company


Consequently the 30th anniversary of lifelong profession, reputable choreographer Jacky Yu encores his signature work "Converging Beams", a full-length choreography of contemporary dance with vigorous movements filled with dynamic tension, dancers moved to intersect with the extreme of beams.

"The body quality revealed by the six dancers is the combination of vigor, infinitive and physically tacit form. Understanding throughout the years, those are reflected by the choreographic body-connections." Lo Wai Luk, Hong Kong Economic Journal


Artistic Director / Choreographer: Jacky Yu
Performers: Alice Ma, Li Yong Jing*, Lam Po, Henry Shum, Man Liu, Tidus Ngan
Lighting Designer: Alice Kwong
Sound Mixing: Michael Lo
Stage Manager: Arion Chow
Props Designer: Jacky Yu
*By the kind permission of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts


Jacky Yu
Jacky Yu was the graduate of the inaugural class of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and a former dancer of Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company. His outstanding works include "Dog Blood Rising", "Hello", "Private Moment", "Paradoxical Illusion" and "Converging Beams" etc. "Toppling the World" was awarded the Hong Kong Dance Award 2006 by his inspired invention and highly energetic movement. His works have been staged by Cloud Gate Dance Theater, Guangdong Modern Dance Company, City Contemporary Dance Company and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Yu was awarded a Certificate from the Home Affairs Bureau's Commendation Scheme 2012 for his contributions in arts.


Presented by E-Side Dance Company
Sponsored by Leisure and Cultural Services Department
E-Side Dance Company is the Venue Partner of the Ngau Chi Wan Civic Cente
Rehearsal space is partially sponsored by Partnership Programme, CCDC Dance Centre.
Audience of age 3 or above are welcome.
Audience are strongly advised to arrive punctually. No latecomers will be admitted until a suitable break in the programme.


Programme Enquiries: 852-23729351
Ticket Enquiries: 852-37616661
Internet Booking: urbtix


Price: $120 / $60 (full-time student/ senior citizen)
Tel: 852-23251970
Add: 2/F & 3/F, Ngau Chi Wan Municipal Services Building, 11 Clear Water Bay Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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