Ye Henggui's Solo Exhibition

2014-12-18 10:00 - 2014-12-24 18:00

Ye Henggui's Solo Exhibition

When: Dec 19-24 2014
Where: Today Art Museum - 3rd floor exhibition hall of building 1
Opening: Dec 18 2014 Sun 18:30

Ye Henggui's Solo Exhibition


Ye Henggui's art has been always in a state of slow growth since the 90s. Artist himself very appreciates this kind of state, and he thinks the success of art lies in the sustainable development as well as the inner strength and persistence.

What is contemporary art? It is the question that Ye Henggui continually concerns. In the middle and late 90s Ye was aware of the important value of image, and started to use it effectively in his creation. It is superficially interpreted that he, as a painter, doubts the authenticity of the image itself for his wantonly making use of the image, but it implies the artist's perspective to the fact and questioning attitude to the reality.

"Big scene" and "black and white" treatment on the painting are both important features of Ye's artworks. His choices of "big scene" mostly are the daily lives of ordinary people. For the "black and white", it makes his works effectively "detach" from the colorful real world, and create a  sense of "history" distance.

"Square" series and "Landscape" series reflect Ye's randomness expression of "image". With the method of drawing the artist explains the images wantonly, which implies his extreme self-doubt on the authenticity of the image. The colored works from "Landscape" series is not trying to "restore" the original colors of the real world. He deliberately stress the "speed" to blur the actuality of scenes, and with the transient spatial displacement in the painting, the concept of time has also been quietly introduced. The other works make full use of the principles of photography to create the screen structure that is opposite to the experience of real life.

Independence and freedom has already become Ye Henggui's hope at this moment. He began to slow down the rate of creating, and to embrace a natural karma. A lot of creation seems to go back to the starting point, and wantonly present his inner emotion and mood. Ye Henggui has touched the essence of so called authenticity, and only sincere heart can truly feel the significance of its existence. The meaning that artist is exploring authenticity is to seek the truth and life value, and the real existence of individual life is also one of the core.

Ye admits art is his whole life and mission, but slowly getting close to it and carefully savoring the taste is the most precious!

-By Curator Zhao Li


Tel: 010-58760600
Add: Pingod community, No.32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


*Information provided by Today Art Museum

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