An Evening with HKCO Huqin Prinicipals

2011-01-31 19:30 - 21:30

An Evening with HKCO Huqin Prinicipals

Date & Time: 31.1.2011 Mon 7:30pm
Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre

An Evening with HKCO Huqin Prinicipals poster

Gaohu: Hsin Hsiao-ling
Erhu: Hsin Hsiao-hung
Zhonghu: Liu Yang
Gehu: Tung Hiu-lo


The huqin principals of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra - Hsin Hsiao-ling (gaohu), Hsin Hsiao-hung (erhu), Liu Yang (zhonghu) and Tung Hiu-lo (gehu) are virtuoso soloists in their own right.  They are brought together in this concert as a quartet to premiere new works specially written for them.  The Cultural Centre’s Studio Theatre is a wonderful place to listen to the chamber works and also observe at close range the instruments they use – the HKCO’s very own Eco-Huqins Series.


Hsin Hsiao-ling    
Hsin began learning the erhu from her father at the age of six. At the age of 13, she received the Hong Kong Arts Festival Award. Once she graduated with distinction in 1988, she became a musician of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra by taking the examination for selection. In 1989, she received a scholarship from the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund and went to the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing for her further study.


Hsin Hsiao-hung   
A prize-winning huqin artist, Hsin Hsiao-hung has been the Erhu Principal of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra since 1987. Apart from traditional Chinese music, Hsin has also added pop, jazz and east-meets-west music to her repertoire.


Liu Yang    
Liu learned to play the erhu at a young age under his father. In 1991, he entered the Central Conservatory of Music to study Folk Music, and was taught by Professor Liu Changfu. Liu Yang joined the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in 2002 and is currently Zhonghu Principal and an executive committee member of the Erhu Society under the Chinese Musicians’ Association.


Tung Hiu-lo    
Tung Hiu-lo graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music where she trained in the Strings Department. She has given solo cello and gehu performances in concerts for the ‘Music from the Heart’ and ‘Love in the City’ series, and at Le French May’s ‘In the Mood for Love’ concert. In 2010, she performed the gehu solo in The Butterfly Lovers at the Shanghai Spring International Music Festival as part of Expo 2010 Shanghai.


Concord*                 Phoon Yew Tien
Ran Shao Xi Wang*        Robert Zollitsch
The Four*                Cheng Baohua
The Land of My Home*     Zhou Chenglong
No Rules*                Chew Hee-chiat
Of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter*     Mui Kwong-chiu
*Commissioned by HKCO/ World Premiere


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