Video Bureau Series: Words and light

2014-12-14 16:00 - 18:00

Video Bureau Series: Words and light

When: 14 Dec 2014, Sunday 16:00
Where: UCCA Auditorium

 Jean-Philippe Toussaint

Guest Speaker: Jean-Philippe Toussaint


Jean-Philippe Toussaint is a writer, film director, and visual artist based in Belgium. He has written four novels in a series based on the character "Marie." For the second installment Running Away, Toussaint created two filmic accompaniments shot in Guangzhou. What brought about his interest in filmmaking? In this lecture, Toussaint presents his ideas regarding art, from the visual elements in his writings and their connection to his practice of filmmaking, to his preoccupation with Marguerite Donnadieu and Alain Robb-Grillet. Toussaint's unique pursuits reveal something in the connection of writing and visual culture, their mutual influence and transformative aspects.


Guest Speaker: Jean-Philippe Toussaint
Jean-Philippe Toussaint was born and currently resides in Brussels. After finishing his studies in Paris, France in 1978, Toussaint earned degrees in political science, and in 1979, modern history. Toussaint began writing in 1979 after having read Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. As written in Toussaint's personal account, he states, "I do not know if it is necessary to see a direct link, but in any case… a month after having read Crime and Punishment I began to write." In the years following, Toussaint has written nine books, including the award-winning Running Away (2005), which has been translated into more than twenty languages.


Guest Speaker: Chen Tong
Chen Tong (b. 1962, Hunan province) is a teacher in the Department of Traditional Chinese Painting of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. The founder of Libreria Borges Bookshop and Libreria Borges Institute for Contemporary Art in Guangzhou, Chen Tong also co-founded Video Bureau (Guangzhou, Beijing).


Co-organizer: Video Bureau
Video Bureau is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a platform to exhibit, organize, and archive video art. Video Bureau's mission is to build a video art archive for research and screenings.


Sponsor: New Century Art Foundation (NCAF)
Founded by art collector Mr. Wang Bing in early 2014, New Century Art Foundation (NCAF) aims to study and promote Chinese contemporary art. In addition to the existing art system, NCAF will do supportive and supplementary work for the development of Chinese contemporary art. Through observation, research, and cooperation with good art institutions, NCAF will provide multiple platforms to promote young artists' creations.


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Add: 798 Art District, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing


*Information provided by Ullens Center For Contemporary Art

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