The Groove Collective DDC Live

2015-01-09 21:00 - 23:00

The Groove Collective DDC Live

When: 9 Jan 2014, Friday 21:00
Where: Dusk Dawn Club

The Groove Collective DDC Live

The Groove Collective-黄昏黎明聚乐部

Heralding from all corners of the globe, the members of The Groove Collective have all found themselves in the cultural mosaic of Beijing's music scene. Channeling the city's chaotic fortune, TGC mixes their distinctive sounds into a melting pot of disparate rhythms and fun-loving uproar. With a sound that can be considered as both modern and traditional, this is a band that injects their own style into every song and performance.


Tash Jamieson (Australia): Vocals
Richard Barnes (UK): Guitar
Neil Larocque (Canada): Bass
Lee Young III (USA): Drum Set and Percussion


Ticket: 50 / 40 (presale)Rmb
Tel: 010-64078969
Add: Shanlao Hutong NO. 14, Dongcheng Dist. Beijing


*Information provided by Dusk Dawn Club

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