Sweater Beats / Adidas Originals - Dada Beijing

2014-12-20 21:00 - 23:00

Sweater Beats / Adidas Originals - Dada Beijing

When: 20 Dec 2014, Saturday 21:00
Where: Dada Beijing

Sweater Beats

In 2014, adidas Originals continues its tradition of celebrating originality with a string of heavy hitting international DJ events throughout China - the "superstars" party series.

The "superstars" party series is about creating an electric space in which the essence of originality, creativity, and music intertwine under the limelight of world-acclaimed electronic DJs. The "superstars" series continues to dominate audiences around China, this time the fresh faced producer with the freshest beats - Sweater Beats [HW@W/Symbols USA|.

Sweater Beats

Seducing the world via his own brand of dream-soaked pop and lushed out r&b, Antonio Cuna, aka Sweater Beats, is a force to be reckoned with. Since the release of his single "MLLN DLLR" on Bondax's Justus Recordings in 2012, Cuna has gathered support from Diplo, Annie Mac, Para One and more with his unique tracks and bootlegs.

His skillful synth work and vocal manipulations translate bedroom music to the club, and his DJ sets are as diverse as they are emotional. Sweater Beats'debut EP for Symbols ("That Feel") sees Antonio ditching samples in favor of original vocalists, and the finished product is a glimpse of what R&B might sound like in the year 2020.


Support DJs: Howie Lee, Billy Starman, Linfeng


Tel: 18311080818
Add: 101 B building, 206 gulou east street, dongcheng District, Beijing

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