"M Home: Living in Space" - Family Day: Me & Home

2014-12-06 14:00 - 16:00

"M Home: Living in Space" - Family Day: Me & Home

When: 6 Dec 2014, Saturday 14:00
Where: UCCA Workshop

 Me & Home

讲座与论坛:“M Home:随寓而安”-爱家日:Me & Home

Home is the most familiar and natural of locations. Household relationships are direct and intimate, yet the philosophical significance that underpins the home and its attendant spiritual solace is limitlessly vast. Numerous philosophers have explored the significance of the home through the conceptual frameworks of language, the city, the Other, and more. The spiritual pillars of the home are not just the interpersonal ethical relationships it contains, but also the relationship between man and object within the household environment. The domestic space and furniture have character unto themselves. The relationship of privacy, forming an entity that exists relative to public space-the home. Today, the home is influenced by a number of new concepts, including sustainability, new graphical interfaces, new definitions of comfort, and rapid modernization.

As a part of the "M Home: Living in Space" public programs and the RedStar Macalline Family Day series, UCCA invites Mathilde Zhan, Shu Kewen, and You Yang to give a talk about Home-the space for human living. "Through organizing and curating the M Home exhibition in cooperation with UCCA, RedStar Macalline encourages today’s artists to keep an eye on everyday aesthetics such as home, fashion, and design," Zhan states.


Guest Speakers
Shu Kewen: Writer and Deputy Editor-in-chief of Sanlian Lifeweek Magazine. She was formerly an associate professor at the Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Mathilde Zhan: Mathilde Zhan is the Vice President of RedStar Macalline Group Co Ltd, and Curator of the UCCA exhibition "M Home: Living in Space-RedStar Macalline Art Project".
You Yang: Deputy Director of UCCA, and Co-Curator of the UCCA exhibition "M Home: Living in Space-RedStar Macalline Art Project".


About Family Day
"Family Day" is a public project founded in 2010 by Che Jianxi, Founder and CEO of RedStar Macalline Group Co Ltd. The project aims to awaken consciousness of family among current Chinese young people and re-define the meaning of "Home and Living" through a series of talks and workshops.


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*Information provided by Ullens Center For Contemporary Art

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