Musical SING HIGH - Macao Cultural Centre 15th Anniversary Programme

2014-12-06 20:00 - 2014-12-07 22:00

Musical SING HIGH - Macao Cultural Centre 15th Anniversary Programme

When: 6-7 Dec 2014 Sat-Sun 20:00
Where: Macao Cultural Centre - Grand Auditorium

Sing High

Musical SING HIGH - Centro Cultural de Macau Programa do 15° Aniversário

Specially conceived for CCM's 15th anniversary, the musical Sing High is a thrilling original creation of four-time Hong Kong Drama Award winner Leon Ko and his lauded lyricist, Taiwan Golden Horse winner, Chris Shum. The script for this vibrant piece is penned by Candace Chong, a hot playwright honoured by the HK Drama Awards.

Inspired by local characters with unique backgrounds, the creative team for this “Arts-in-Residence” project will lead our best performers to tell us a Macao story about a young man who longs for success away from our city. Living a troubled relationship with his father, Cheung grew up with the memories of his deceased mother and her promises of taking him abroad. One day, he becomes a choir conductor and competes for an invitation to represent Macao in an overseas contest, a task not easy to achieve as Cheung must turn inexperienced choir members into a top notch ensemble. With tender devotion, they give the best of themselves in pursuit of a passionate dream!

Sing High

Composer and Music Director: Leon Ko
Lyrist: Chris Shum
Script writer: Candace Chong
Director: Fong Chun Kit
Language: Cantonese
Organizer: Macao Cultural Centre

Sing High

Price: 200/150/100 MOP
Tel: 853-28400555
Add: Avenida Xian Xing Hai s/n, Nape - Macao


*Information provided by the Macao Cultural Centre

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