"M Home: Living in Space" - Modern Space painting

2014-12-13 14:00 - 16:00

"M Home: Living in Space" - Modern Space painting

When: 13 Dec 2014, Saturday 14:00
Where: UCCA Auditorium

 Michael Lin

Speaker: Michael Lin

讲座与论坛-“M Home:随寓而安”-现代空间绘画

For artists, the process of painting is subjective, but for consumers (collectors and audience memebers), the experience of painting stems from personal understanding and an attempt to enter into the artist's process. Heightened consumerism has created a public sphere dominated by images that have also infiltrated personal spaces. The variety and rate of production for new images is overwhelming. Is it possible for images to once again inspire our perceptions of life through gaze and meditation? How does space painting influence and change our habit of appreciation? How does three-dimensional space painting gather and express our daily visual experience?


Speaker: Michael Lin
Artist Michael Lin, (b. Tokyo) is one of the leading contemporary artists living today. He splits his time between Taipei, Shanghai, and Brussels. Lin's monumental painting installations repurpose painting from an object to painting as a bounded, physical space or a social environment. His works have been exhibited in major institutions and international Biennials around the world including: The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, UCCA, Beijing, The Lyon Biennial, The Vancouver Art Gallery, The Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, Palais de Tokyo, Paris and PS1 MoMA, NY.


Venus Lau
Venus Lau is a curator and writer based in Beijing. After working as an art writer and project curator, she works actively in various cultural spheres across greater China, pursuing multidisciplinary experimentation with potential and emergent cultural productions in the region, while initiating discourses between Chinese art and the cultural structures in other countries. She won the CCAA (Chinese Contemporary Art Award) Jury's Pick with her proposal actively rethinking on the strategies of institutional critique in China, while exploring the linkage between object-oriented ontology in art. She was the chairman of Society for Experimental Cultural Production, a non-profit organization focusing on new possibilities of cultural productions. Venus Lau is currently working as the consulting curator at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art.


Tel: 010-57800203
Add: 798 Art District, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing


*Information provided by Ullens Center For Contemporary Art

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