Lecture Series on Appreciating Hip Hop and Jazz Dance

2014-12-22 20:00 - 2015-01-12 21:00

Lecture Series on Appreciating Hip Hop and Jazz Dance

When: 22 Dec 2014 - 12 Jan 2015 Every Mon 20:00
Where: Rehearsal Room, Yuen Long Theatre

Lecture Series on Appreciating Hip Hop and Jazz Dance Poster

Hip Hop舞及爵士舞导赏讲座系列

The trio introduces the audiences to hip hop and jazz dance history and development, those were founded in US and beloved by youngsters. The first two lectures begin with the history of hip hop dance, and introduce different styles, including breaking, locking and boogaloo. The 3rd and 4th lectures explore how jazz dance absorbs the characteristics from ballet, musical dance, contemporary dance and street dance, and evolve unique dance step. Video is shown in the lecture to showcase the characteristics of the two dance styles.

Running of each lecture is about 1 hour. Conducted in Cantonese.


22 Dec 2014
Speakers: Angela Hang, Hongboy Chan
Hip Hop Dance (1)

29 Dec 2014
Speaker: Rock Fang
Hip Hop Dance (2)

5 & 12 Jan 2015
Speaker: Angela Hang
Jazz Dance (1) & (2)

Angela Hang

Angela Hang

Angela Hang
Angela Hang, the founder of Studiodanz, graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with major of contemporary dance. She was awarded a scholarship by the Asian Culture Council to attend the American Dance Festival in North Carolina. In 1994, she studied the dance programme in Ballet Art School in New York. Meanwhile, she has received extensive training in various major dance groups of U.S., such as, Alvin Ailey School, Martha Graham School, Ballet Art School, Step Dance Studio, Broadway Dance Centre, Edge Dance Studio and Dance New Amsterdam. Since 1995, Angela has worked with many artists in Hong Kong and has been an instructor at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, City Contemporary Dance Company, Arts Centre, Hong Kong University, Polytechnic University, City Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Institution of Education and Beijing Dance Academy. Angela has many keen followers who not only admire her dynamic and unique dance style but also her dedication and eagerness to teach and nurture students.

Hongboy Chan

Hongboy Chan

Hongboy Chan
Hongboy Chan, is one of the members of Hong Kong's top B boy crew Rhythm Attack. Since forming Rhythm Attack in 2000, Hongboy has traveled to the U.S., Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China and has battled with some of the world's top B boys. Together with his crew, he has won numerous battles, such as the champion of Adidas Dance and Happy Vally Street Dance Battle.

Besides as the major breaking player, Hongboy has joined commercially the dance crew for the local and touring concerts of prompt artists, including Grasshopper Right Noew in Concert 2009 World Tour, Vanness Wu's Vanness My Kingdom Concert@Japan, Richie. jen Concert@Las Vegas 2007, Twins 04 Concert, HOCC Live in Unity Concert and Michael's First Concert etc. Recently, travelled with Taiwanese pop singer Vanness Wu To Beijing, Japan and Korea, and other overseas promotion campaigns. Hongboy is also the member of dance group SD CREW, and advanced dance technique in U.S. and has been invited as guest performer in overseas breaking events, such as The Big Groove 2009 in Singapore and Show What 2009 in Macau.

Rock Fang

Rock Fang

Rock Fang
Rock Fang is a renowned dance instructor and choreographer in Hong Kong. He specializes in freestyle hip hop and popping. He had started dancing as a backup dancer for many well-known artists such as Leon Lai, Twins and Coco Lee since 2000. Over the years, he has choreographed for various artists including Vanness Wu and Sherman Chung. Rock graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in physical education and sports science, helped Rock to be a professional dance teacher. Having been frequently conducting numerous training courses and choreographing for all universities in Hong Kong and various dance studios.

He has won the best choreographer award for two consecutive years (2007 and 2008) in Intra Varsity Dance Competition (IVDC), and acted as the professional referee of the competition.fAcross the world, Rock has been invited to conduct dance workshops in Norway and Singapore. Rock is currently a member of the SD Crew and has won the championship in "Cup Noodle Dancing Contest". Rock also has regular training at US each year and received numerous performance opportunity including Dance Delight Taiwan 2009, The Big Groove 2009 in Singapore and Show What 2009 in Macau.


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