Time spent, lost and regained…

2014-12-05 19:00 - 2015-01-15 20:30

Time spent, lost and regained…

When: 5-17 Dec 2014, 6-15 Jan 2015
Where: Goethe-Gallery and Black Box Studio
Opening Reception: 5 Dec 2014 Fri 19:00

Video still from "eyes and ears" 2014 © Edwin Lo

Video still from "eyes and ears" 2014 © Edwin Lo

The exhibition "Time spent, lost and regained…" features two projects that Edwin Lo produced between 2012 and 2014: "In Between the Distance" (2013) and "Eyes and Ears - Homage to Rolf Julius" (2013-2014). With photographs, together with a series of sound and video installations, the exhibition depicts Lo's direct and indirect connection with Germany on his artistic practice, especially during his residencies in Germany and in China respectively.


"In Between the Distance"
The work reflects the thinking process that Lo experiences when combining audio and visual elements in articulating his nostalgia for his residency in Germany in 2012. In that year, Lo was one of the first generation of the resident artists in HBK Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig for the Braunschweig Project. "In Between the Distance" could be seen as an essay of hist time spent in Germany.


"Eyes and Ears"
In December 2013, Lo was invited by iD Town and curator Chan Hangfeng to participate in the first international artist residency in Shenzhen's iD Town. During the residency Lo stayed in Guanhu, a small village north east of Shenzhen. At the end of the residency Lo presented the project "Eyes and Ears", a project that pays homage to German sound and visual artist Rolf Julius, who passed away in 2011. The origin of this project was a short conversation between Lo and Julius during the latter's residency at the Around Sound Art Festival 2010, when Julius talked about the relationship between eyes and ears.


Edwin Lo
Edwin Lo (Lo Yun Ting, b. 1984) is a sound artist from Hong Kong. Through different explorations on sound, he tries to develop his own philosophy and language on sound and listening: thinking sound as an object of desire, as haunting memories and experiences. Lo presents his body of work in different context such as writings, sound compositions, recordings, performances, videos and sound installations. Since 2008 his works are widely presented in local and overseas occasions such as Hong Kong Sound Station (Hong Kong, 2009), Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism Architecture 2009, FILE 2010 - Electronic Language International Festival (Brazil, 2010), EMERGEANDSEE Media Art Festival (Germany, 2013), RPM: Ten Years of Sound Art in China (United States and Shanghai, 2013) and Organism (Shenzhen, 2014) and "Inside China" (Paris, 2014) at Palais de Tokyo. Other than his solo works, Lo has also participated in theatre productions since 2010.


On residency experiences - Edwin Lo
I think an artist residency is vital for an artist's career and creative process. I had been to two residencies so far, one was the Braunschweig Project initiated by Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig in Germany and the other one was iD Town International Artist Residency Program organised by iD Town International Art District in Shenzhen. Looking back to the residencies I participated, they both played an important role and have influenced my artistic practices and career. In early 2012, when I was preparing for Braunschweig, I had a lot of fantasies about the time in Europe as it was the first time I went there. The time in Braunschweig enabled me to rethink and further develop my own practice and deepen my reflection about sound art. At the same time, my mind was full of nostalgia and am always longing for going back because of the solitude I had at that time.

Unlike the residency in Germany, the iD Town residency I had between late 2013 and early 2014 reflects a different way of thinking I had. Staying in the small town in Shenzhen called Guanhu, I was immersed into a different environment that helped me to work on something that I have not experienced before, such as photography and site specific installation. During the 30 days of stay in Guanhu, I tried to engage my practises into the environment and tried to work out something that pays homage to the sound art pioneer Rolf Julius with my works during the residency.


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