Anna Hessle

Anna Hessle

Anna Hessle

Anna Hessle

Anna Hessle是一位执业超过16年的建筑师,在建筑设计、城市规划及设计、城市系统整合方案以及“共生城市”理念均拥有丰富经验。她具备国际视野,同时有非洲实地的工作经验,所以自2001年起,除了负责在瑞典的项目外,亦一直参与Sweco在中国发展的可持续城市计划和绿色的建筑项目。目前,她负责为Sweco公司发展中国市场,也为该公司在中国和斯里兰卡的主要项目担任首席建筑师和规划师。




Anna Hessle


Anna Hessle has practised as an architect for over 16 years and has an extensive experience from building design work, planning and urban design, urban integrated systems solutions and "SymbioCity" methodology. With an international focus and the career experience from fieldwork gained in Africa, she has been continuously involved in Sweco's projects in China with a special focus on sustainable city and green building, parallel to the projects in Sweden since 2001. Alongside with her current responsibility of developing Sweco Architects position in the Chinese market, she also acts as Chief Architect and Planner in key on-going projects in China and Sri Lanka.

Hassle's work involves all stages and scales, from regional masterplans, city and district masterplans, down to the design of specific buildings, such as neighbourhood facilities, kindergartens, commercial centres and housing. Moreover, her special expertise involves concept development for holistic and integrated design solutions and leading large multidisciplinary teams.

Hassle's prestigious architectural projects include the work in Colombo Port City which is a 2.5 km2 large urban development masterplan in Sri Lanka, and several projects in China, such as Guangzhu Town house Area in Beijing, Tangshan Bay Eco City Sustainability Center and more.

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