Pete Hellicar & Joel Gethin Lewis

Pete Hellicar & Joel Gethin Lewis

Pete Hellicar & Joel Gethin Lewis

Pete Hellicar & Joel Gethin Lewis

在加入Hellicar & Lewis之前,Pete Hellicar是一名专业滑板表演者并经常作世界巡回演出。在1997年他与合伙人共同创立了Unabomber Skateboards,该公司制作具有特色的滑板及相关服装,代表作品包括与Pete Fowler及Will Sweeney合作的滑板产品。2001年,他担任Etnies Worldwide的艺术总监,负责为Etnies品牌宣传及制定品牌新的定位策略,包括了所有品牌标志及服装的宣传。2004年,Hellicar回到英国继续Etnies的艺术指导活动,并为The Discovery Channel、Red or Dead、b Store、Nike、Channel 4、Topshop及Orange等客户提供设计谘询服务。

于2009年,Hellicar伙拍Joel Lewis共同创办了Hellicar & Lewis,致力建设一个创新的开源软体业务,将每一个建立的互动项目开放给所有用家使用。除了日常的商业活动外,Hellicar & Lewis也踊跃参与不同的工作,包括教育、艺术及演艺。

Joel Lewis于1998年至2001年于英国帝国学院修读数学与电脑科学,其后2003年于英国皇家艺术学院完成互动设计硕士学位。他毕业后于Benetton位于Fabrica的通讯研究中心工作,其后回英国伦敦出任United Visual Artists之互动设计师。他曾与Battles、U2及Massive Attack等乐队作巡回演出时一同随行,并与Monolith、Volume及Hereafter等品牌合作设计装置作品。



Pete Hellicar & Joel Gethin Lewis


Prior joining Hellicar & Lewis, Pete Hellicar toured the world as a professional skater. He then co-founded Unabomber Skateboards in 1997 where he produced boards and apparel featuring the work of Pete Fowler and Will Sweeney among others. In 2001, he became the Art Director for Etnies Worldwide where he was responsible for the rebranding of Etnies advertising, including all logos and apparel. In 2004, Hellicar returned to the U.K. and continued art directing campaigns for Etnies as well as providing design consultancy for clients like The Discovery Channel, Red or Dead, b Store, Nike, Channel 4, Topshop and Orange.

In 2009, Hellicar joined Joel Lewis to start Hellicar & Lewis with the express aim of building a creative business around open source - the software behind their interactive projects are available for anyone to use, for any purpose. In addition to their commercial work, Hellicar & Lewis also enjoys working in educational, artistic and performance contexts.

Between 1998 and 2001, Joel Lewis studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial, before completing an MA in Interaction Design at the Royal College of Art in 2003. After graduation he worked at Benetton's communication research centre, Fabrica, before returning to London where he worked as an interaction designer at United Visual Artists. Here he toured with bands including Battles, U2 and Massive Attack, as well as collaborating on installation works such as Monolith, Volume and Hereafter.

At present, the London-based designer is one of the Founders of the Hellicar&Lewis. The company, formed in 2008, works with brands, companies and institutions to invent and design new ways of communicating with their audiences in real time. Their work uses art, technology and design to create groundbreaking experiences that take people into the moment to impart lasting memories.

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