Koen Olthuis

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Koen Olthuis

Koen Olthuis

Koen Olthuis是一位具有前瞻视野及创新思维的建筑师。他认为现今的设计师是属于“气候变化的一代”,年轻建筑师们应开拓视野,打破以往固定建筑的限制并创建能移动的非固定建筑物。Olthuis是荷兰Waterstudio.NL建筑师事务所创办人之一,专责为应对气候变化、海平面上升、水灾及城市化等问题而建设水上漂浮建筑物,并借着以水上作为建筑地基的概念,从而改变全球城市建筑模式。建筑师事务所的漂浮建筑计划繁多,由位于荷兰的漂浮公寓,阿联酋的漂浮清真寺,以至马尔代夫的水上浮岛。其他的创新项目也包括建设漂浮酒店、学校、住宅及高尔夫球场等。

荷兰建筑师,Olthuis生于1971年,曾于Delft University of Technology就读建筑与工业设计。他曾获美国《时代》杂志评选为2007年全球最具影响力人士之一。其后,获得法国《Terra Eco》杂志评选为2011年「全球100位改变世界的环保人士」之一。Olthuis也因水上建筑已成为他工作生活的核心而赢得了「漂流的荷兰人」之称号。


Koen Olthuis

Koen Olthuis

Koen Olthuis is a forward-thinking and innovative architect with a vision that believing today's designers are an essential part of the climate change generation and should start to enhance their perspective on urban components to become dynamic instead of static. Olthuis is one of the founders of the Waterstudio.NL, an architectural firm based in the Netherlands that specialises in developing floating structures to counter concerns about climate change, rising sea levels, flooding and urbanization. With a vision of changing cities worldwide by using water as a building ground, the company has designed everything from floating apartment complexes in the Netherlands to a floating masque in the UAE to even an entire floating community of islands for the Maldives. Other innovative projects include creating floating hotels, schools, houses, golf courses and more.

The Dutch architect, born in 1971, has studied Architecture and Industrial Design at the Delft University of Technology. In 2007, Time magazine named Olthuis one of the most influential people in the world. Moreover, the French magazine Terra Eco chose him as one of the "100 green persons that will change the world" in 2011. Building on water has become Olthuis's life's work, he is also known as the "Floating Dutchman".

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