Vicente Guallart

Vicente Guallart

Vicente Guallart

Guallart与巴塞隆那市政局担任首席建筑师负责发展城市改造以及大型发展项目的策略。他曾于Urban Habitat任职首席经理,工作范围涵盖城市规划、房屋、环境、基础设施和资讯科技等。

此前,他创办了加泰罗尼亚高等建筑学院,并在那里领导了Media House Project(与美国麻省理工学院CBA合作)、Hyper Catalunya以及Fab Lab House等项目。这所学院提供世界一流的建筑硕士课程。

Guallart的办公室Guallart Architects负责的项目包括台湾富基渔港、基隆港、西班牙华伦西亚Sociopolis社区和Gandia Sharing Blocks等。他的著作有《Geologics》和《The Self-Sufficient City》及合撰的《Metapolis高级建筑辞典》。他的作品曾于威尼斯双年展、纽约现代艺术博物馆以及位于华盛顿的AIA展出。

他最近出版的《The Self-Sufficient City》,为未来世界勾画了蓝图,以城市的自给自足及世界连系为原则,着眼检视城市的重新发展及提高生产效率的能力。


Vicente Guallart


Guallart works as Chief Architect at the Barcelona City Council with the responsibility of developing the strategic vision of the transformation of the city and its major development projects. He was First Manager of Urban Habitat, a new department encompassing the areas of urban planning, housing, environment, infrastructures and information technologies.

Previously he founded the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, one of the best Architectural Master Schools in the world, where he led projects such as Media House Project (with MIT's CBA), Hyper Catalunya and the Fab Lab House.

Guallart's professional office, Guallart Architects, has developed projects such as the ports of Fugee and Keelung in Taiwan, the Sociopolis neighborhood in Valencia and Gandia Sharing Blocks. He is the author of "Geologics" and "The Self-Sufficient City", co-author of "Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture". His works had been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, MOMA and AIA in Washington.

"The Self-Sufficient City", the book he has recently published, outlines a blueprint for the world to come - a world built around cities and their renewed capabilities to become productive again, based on the principles of local self-sufficiency and global connectivity.

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