Drums United World Beat China Tour Shenzhen Station

2014-12-03 20:30 - 22:00

Drums United World Beat China Tour Shenzhen Station

When: Dec. 3, 2014 Wednesday 20:30
Where: B10 Live

Drums United World Beat China Tour Shenzhen Station

Drums United World Beat中国巡演深圳站

African drums, Dance, Hip Hop, Asian rhythms, Cuban rumba’s and much more. It all comes together in Drums Uniteds thrilling new show Heartbeat…

Drums United is an explosive and exciting world-percussion group led by drummer Lucas van Merwijk, that brings together rhythms and percussionists from all directions.

Drums United is made up of 7 percussionists, from four continents and seven different countries, Turkey, Senegal, Iran, the Netherlands, Surinam, Brazil and Venezuela, and is much more than just a drum group. It’s a smoking live band that not only gives the audience an opportunity of listening and watching top players, but also imparts the underlying message that people from widely varying nationalities can work well together.

On both its previous show World of Rhythm and the current Ritmo Inferno the group mixes African, Latin, Spanish and Indian drum traditions with western drumming, utilizing contemporary electronic options open to the DJ.

Since its inception in 2002 the band has been virtually on tour all the time. Their first theatre program World Of Rhythm was recorded live and is out now on DVD as well as CD.

Drums United occupies a unique place in the world of percussion groups by combining elements of the rich traditions of percussion with those of song and dance.


Lucas van Merwijk (The Netherlands) · Drums & percussion
Alper Kekeç (Turkey) · Oriental percussion
Simone Sou (Brasil) · Brazilian percussion
Gianna Tam (Surinam) · Drums, percussion & vocals
Afra Mussawisadeh (Iran) · Electronics & oriental percussion
Marco Toro (Venezuela) · Latin percussion
Moussé Pathé (Senegal) · African percussion


Price: 80/100 RMB
Tel: 0755-86337602
Add: North side of B10 Building, North District, OCT-LOFT, Shantou Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong


*Information provided by B10 Live

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