Vision - Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2014

2014-12-06 10:00 - 2015-03-02 18:00

Vision - Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2014

When: 6 Dec 2014 - 2 Mar 2015
Where: Hong Kong Heritage Museum - 1/F Poster Pavilion

Dennoh Imagination

Dennoh Imagination, Tomoya Kaishi, Japan, 2010


Teaming up with the Hong Kong Designers Association for the fifth time, the Hong Kong International Poster Triennial continues to document new and exciting developments in poster design, while also encouraging international cultural exchange and enriching the museum's collections. The museum presents the 2014 Triennial in three parts - a competition, an exhibition and a seminar.

We are undertaking the past criteria of Triennial which is in line with the recommendations of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations, the four categories of the competition - Ideology, Promotion of Cultural Events, Commercial and Advertising and Thematic - "Blind Spot" - attracted 1,556 works, an impressive total, which represents the diverse creativity of 518 designers and groups hailing from 32 countries or regions and provided a comprehensive overview of the latest global trends in poster design.

A highly professional and critical selection process by a judging panel of prominent names in design, comprising Dr. Jianping He from Germany, Ms. Luba Lukova from the United States of America, Mr. Masayoshi Kodaira from Japan, Mr. Ralph Schraivogel from Switzerland, and Mr. John Warwicker from the United Kingdom, produced a shortlist of 222 entries for the event. Showcased in an artistic blend, also featuring representative works by the five judges, these poster designs from across the world perfectly reflect the curatorial perspective of the exhibition as a dynamic kaleidoscope of "Vision".

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Hong Kong Designers Association. Organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.



Dennoh Imagination
Tomoya Kaishi, Japan, 2010
Category: Commercial and Advertising - Silver Award

By featuring rabbit ears, Tomoya Kaishi wants to express the desire to grab some clue when people are in a situation where they are not sure if there is a real person behind the computer screen. A rabbit with a pair of real rabbit ears and a pixelated face expresses the fragility of human emotion as it moves back and forth between reality and virtual reality.

TNT Saison 2012-2013

TNT Saison 2012-2013
Philippe Apeloig, France, 2012
Category: Promotion of Cultural Events - Bronze Award

Apeloig's original and experimental typography creates an allegory for the stage: form and colour are fused, with the illusory use of primary hues against a black background creating a pictorial space. Combined with the vivid palette, the letters' boisterous contact and intimacy reflect the joy of the season's festivities. The names of the artists and performers are incorporated in block letters as small, internal sparks of life.

Guilin Gruel

Guilin Gruel
Lin Shaobin, Mainland China, 2012
Category: Commercial and Advertising - Gold Award & Judges Award (Selected by Ralph Schraivogel)

This poster uses 'rice' as the poetic creative idea. By lining up rice of different sizes and creating a line in the middle, a picturesque landscape painting of Guilin and its inverted image is rendered, giving the viewer a relaxing and delightful feeling. Concise and peaceful, the composition leaves a great deal of room for the imagination.


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