A Trove of Small Treasures - Karin Weber Gallery

2014-12-16 18:00 - 2015-01-31 19:00

A Trove of Small Treasures - Karin Weber Gallery

When: 17 Dec 2014 - 31 Jan 2015
Where: Karin Weber Gallery
Opening Reception: 16 Dec 2014 Tue 18:00-21:00

Affection, Tina Buchholtz

Affection, Tina Buchholtz, acrylic, gold pigments on canvas, 90x60cm, diptych, 2013


Artists: Brainrental, Tina Buchholtz, Vincent Ip Wan Sang, Fay Ku, Xue Mo, Carmen Ng, Willi Siber

Karin Weber Galler announces its special Christmas and New Year group show, "A Trove of Small Treasures" a vibrant collection of smaller works by key gallery artists.

Artists have often used smaller sized works to showcase their particular talents and exceptional craftsmanship. From miniature illuminated prayer books in seventeenth century Europe to objects crafted from precious jade, lacquer, wood or porcelain in the Chinese Ming and Qing dynasties, small suggests special. As a wealth of materials, skill and labour is condensed into a limited space, something powerful is created in the process - small really is beautiful.

"A Trove of Small Treasures" at Karin Weber Gallery brings together diminutive but perfectly executed works, each and every piece testament to the talents of its creator. Several of the artists have created small pieces specifically for this show, employing media that range from painting to photography, sculpture to installation. The exhibition also illustrates the extent to which skill and craftsmanship transcend geographical boundaries and age. Participating artists come from all over the world, ranging from Hong Kong to Germany, China and the USA, and are at different stages in their respective careers - some just starting out, some highly established and authorities in their chosen field. Collectively, they demonstrate the role for small works in each artist's portfolio, and the versatility of this size in demonstrating "best in class" talent across a multitude of themes and formats.

Ordinary Behaviour - iPhone

Ordinary Behaviour - iPhone #1, 2, 3, Brainrental, white cardboard, acrylic box, 25.6x25.6x28cm, 2014

founded by Chu Cheung, Kevin Leung and Roger Mak, all graduates of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, in 2010, Brainrental is a collective that "helps curiosity and a little bit of wonder for all to ponder." In March 2014, they were part of the "Young Talent Hong Kong" show as part of the Affordable Art Fair HK. Other recent exhibitions include group shows in Hong Kong and London.


Tina Buchholtz
German-born Tina Buchholtz lives and works in her hometown Berlin. Her intricately layered acrylic pieces are held in private and public collections in Germany, Hong Kong and all over the world, most notably in the collection of the German Parliament. Tina has just closed a major solo show, "Reservat", at the Kunsthaus "Sans Titre" in Potsdam / Berlin.

Tree Top, Vincent Ip

Tree Top #12, Vincent Ip, inkjet print, 60x60cm, 2014

Vincent Ip Wan Sang
A recent graduate of the City University of Hong Kong, Vincent makes his gallery debut with his "Treetop" Photography series, a contemporary take on traditional Chinese landscape painting. He is also gaining recognition as a filmmaker, with numerous commercials and two film prizes (Taiwan, Golden Sugarcane Film Festival 2013, 2014) on his impressive CV.

Safe as Houses, Fay Ku

Safe as Houses, Fay Ku, graphite, watercolor on Fabriana Rosaspina paper, 35x34cm , 2013

Fay Ku
born in Taiwan, Fay Ku lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her quirky ink paintings explore the role of the female, often set in a mythological context. Fay has shown extensively across the USA, as well as London and Paris. Her most current solo show is with the Baum Gallery at the University of Central Arkansas.

Tong Tong, Xue Mo

Tong Tong, Xue Mo, oil on linen, 46x43cm , 2014

Xue Mo
originally from Inner Mongolia and now resident in Canada, Xue portrays her Mongol countrywomen in European Renaissance style. She has shown several times with Karin Weber in Hong Kong, alongside exhibitions in Canada and Australia.

Tiny House, Carmen Ng

Tiny House, Carmen Ng, graphite, marker colour, ink on paper, 35x34cm , 2014

Carmen Ng
a graduate of HK Baptist University, Carmen focuses on illustrations with a fantastical, dreamlike twist and regularly shows with Karin Weber Gallery. Although at an early stage in her career, Carmen has already won an impressive range of art and design awards, including the 2012 Best Illustration (Unpublished) Awards, Second Greater China Illustration Awards.

Wall Object, Willi Siber

Wall Object, Willi Siber, wood, chrome paint, size varied, 2014

Willi Siber
German sculptor Willi Siber fuses inspiration and techniques from his father's carpentry workshop with industrial materials such as steel, resin and car body paint to create vibrant sculptures and installations. His works are held in private and public collections throughout Germany and Switzerland, with a growing collector base in Hong Kong. Willi has just closed a solo show with Galerie Carla Rengli in Zug, Switzerland and is showing new works at Galerie Lorenz in Frankfurt.


Karin Weber Gallery
One of Hong Kong's most established art galleries, Karin Weber Gallery has a great reputation for presenting and promoting local, regional and international contemporary art in Hong Kong. The gallery showcases mid-career and emerging artists through a programme of carefully curated exhibitions and art fairs, both locally and overseas. Whilst the space in Aberdeen Street, Hong Kong, remains firmly at the heart of Karin Weber Gallery, a network of partners and representatives in London, Mumbai and Berlin connects the gallery with artists, clients and art institutions across three continents and as many time zones.


Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00 (Mon-Sat)
Tel: 852-25445004
Add: G/F, 20 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong


*Information provided by Karin Weber Gallery

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