Patriotic Heroine - From Real to Abstract: Cine Attempts on Stage Operas

2014-11-30 16:45 - 18:27

Patriotic Heroine - From Real to Abstract: Cine Attempts on Stage Operas

When: 30 Nov 2014 Sun 16:45
Where: Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

Patriotic Heroine Still


This Cantonese opera picture takes after the 1958 Chaozhou opera Farewell to a Warrior, which was performed in mid-1960 by the Guangdong Chaozhou Opera Academy in Hong Kong. This version revolves around the patriotic commander Wai (Law Kim-long) of the Kingdom of Western Cheng, who finds himself no match for traitor Cho (Lan Chi Pak) and is finally saved by his wife (Ng Kwan-lai).

The scene where the aging couple solemnly joins the army signifies the celebration of people's power, a literary convention in the post-1949 New China. Ng Kwan-lai leaves a strong impression with a convincing display of northern-school acrobatics. One of the great Cantonese film adaptations of mainland operas.

Post-screening talk with Tong Ka-wai.


Director: Chu Kea
Screenplay: Lee Yuen-man
Cast: Ng Kwan-lai, Law Kim-long, Lan Chi Pak, Lam Kar-sing, Yam Bing-yee
1960 / B&W / D Beta / Cantonese / Lyrics with Chi Subtitles / 102min / Cantonese Opera


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