"New Artrends"Talk Series: Dancing with strangers: Oliver Herring's participatory art

2014-11-09 13:00 - 15:00

"New Artrends"Talk Series: Dancing with strangers: Oliver Herring's participatory art

When: 9 Nov 2014, Sunday 13:00
Where: UCCA Auditorium

 Oliver Herring's participatory art


Since the early 1990s, Oliver Herring has been known for using silver-coated Mylar strips to knit full-scale clothing in his series Flowers for Ethyl Eichelberger. He performs the time consuming knitting process in museums and galleries to further discussion between his solitary wok and viewers.

Since the end of the 1990s, Oliver has expanded his practice to include multiple mediums. Cutting thousands of pieces from photographs, he created a "photosculpture"series playing on the tension of flat picture and 3D space. In another experiment, he opened a studio in Brooklyn filmed strangers' unrehearsed "performances," breaking through the normal, alienating boundaries between people while extending the nature of the studio space. Herring has been all over the world, helping people break down barriers through wild "games," all in the name of art. Herring states, "I think we sometimes long to experience those things which the heart craves, but in reality because of shyness, become impossible." Beginning in 2002 Herring began organizing a series of participatory improvisational art events known as TASK parties that includeworkshops in which participants of all ages and demographics collectively dream up instructions and carry them out with materials provided. Since September, Oliver has organized the biggest Task party in Madison Square Park and is planning the first Task party in China when during his residency at A4 Contemporary Art Center in Chengdu.

Oliver Herring

Oliver Herring

Oliver Herring's having one-month residency at Telescope in Beijing from November 2014 and his exhibition at Telescope will last till January 2015.


New Century Art Foundation (NCAF)
Founded by art collector Mr. Wang Bing in early 2014, New Century Art Foundation (NCAF) aims to study and promote the Chinese contemporary art. In addition to the existing art system, NCAF will do supportive and supplementary work for the development of the Chinese contemporary art. Through observation, research and working with good art institutions, NCAF will provide multiple platforms to promote young artists'creations.


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*Information provided by Ullens Center For Contemporary Art

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