Zajia lab projects: TURISTA - Live music

2014-11-11 21:00 - 23:00

Zajia lab projects: TURISTA - Live music

When: 11 Nov 2014, Tue 21:00
Where: zajia lab

 TURISTA - Live music

Turista is a project of musical creation and improvisation. With influences of Funk, Jazz, Afrobeat and Electronic music. Members are: Fabián Wilkins on keyboards and samplers, David Perez on drums and vibraphone, and William Cruz on bass and keyboard. They first gather for a film at the theater "La Beckett". They did not discussed at all what they wanted to play, forcing them to build upon all the music for the film.

It is a pure in the instant creation project where constructions of percussive and tonal patterns, programming and repeating ideas through samplers and synthesizers happen.

Fabián Wilkins, multi - instrumentalist and producer in Puerto Rico. For over 15 years Fabian has produced, collaborated and performed with a many artists and musicians, to name a few: Mima, Henry Cole, Dj Nature SieteNueve, Nito Mestre, Michael Sambello, Wilkins, Dennise Quiñones, Vico C, Gombajahbari Jose Feliciano, Charles Juhasz, Allora & Calzadilla… Fabian has won awards for best composition and sound projects in several short films and documentaries as well as played in Europe, Japan, and Indonesia with past projects as Vliot, Human Error and Caterpillar.

David Perez formerly drummer of Circo, Manjar De Los Dioses and Samplitud. For years David has been categorized as one of the best and most versatile drummers in Puerto Rico. Also, David as a producer has been featured in Special projects as Banco Popular Theatre. His collaboration with artists such as William Cepeda, PR Philharmonic Orchestra, The Ultra Criollos, Brief Theatre, Andanza, Calle 13, Diana Fuentes, Jorge Drexler. He has played in Argentina, Chile, United States, Mexico and Central America.

Bass player William Cruz, a graduate of the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico. Currently joins Turista, adding a sound of tribal influences and jazz. He also has a group called Ibetnia Project where he collaborates with other musicians. He merges different musical genres, including Launge, electronic, reggae, R&B and Jazz.


Ticket: 40RMB
Tel: 010-84049141
Add: No.23 Doufuchi Hutong, old Gulou Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

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