ThreeShadows +3 Gallery Participates in PARIS PHOTO2014

2014-11-13 12:30 - 2014-11-16 19:00

ThreeShadows +3 Gallery Participates in PARIS PHOTO2014

When: Nov 13 - 16 2014
Where: Grand Palais - Booth Number D32

ThreeShadows +3 Gallery Participates in PARIS PHOTO2014


Paris Photo is the premier international art fair for works in the photographic medium. The Fair will be held in Paris' historical Grand Palais from the 13th to the 16th of November, 2014 and will host 169 galleries and art book dealers.

Renowned for its innovative and high-level programming, Paris Photo is a key event for collectors and art world professionals, as well as photography enthusiasts. Extensive programming includes special exhibitions for the following sectors:

- The "Private Collection" exhibition introduces visitors to the pioneering role played by private collectors who, driven by their own passion and perseverance, gathers masterpieces and develop new approaches.
- The "Recent Acquisitions" exhibition presents the new photography collections from international institutions.
- "Open Book" honors the role of the photo book in the history of the medium.

In partnership with the Aperture Foundation, Paris Photo has established the Paris PhotoBook Awards, celebrating the ever evolving role of the photobook in the narrative of photography. Prize categories include: First Photobook, Photobook of the Year, and Catalogue of the Year.

The Paris Photo Platform brings together key figures in the international art community for a cycle of conversations, interviews, debates and performances organized by guest curators.


*J.P. Morgan Preview
Nov 11 6pm-8:30pm

Nov 12 11am-9:30pm (Guest)
Nov 12 2pm-9:30pm (VIP)
Nov 12 5pm-9:30pm (public,press,artists )

*Public Opening
Nov 13/14/15 12:30pm-8pm
Nov 16 12:30pm-7pm

Private Opening at 11am: Nov 13-16 (Guest, VIP, artists )


Address:Grand Palais Avenue Winston Churchill 75008 Paris, France


*Information provided by Three Shadows +3 Gallery

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