Zajia lab Film Platform: Fortune Teller By Xu Tong

2014-11-12 20:30 - 22:30

Zajia lab Film Platform: Fortune Teller By Xu Tong

When: 12 Nov 2014, Wednesday 20:30
Where: zajia lab

 Fortune Teller By Xu Tong


Li Baicheng meets Peatl Shi when he was more than 40 years old , because of her disability she had been cruelly mistreated at home .He took her with him and left their hometown.

They live some countryside in the northern China, where Li Baicheng makes a living out of fortune telling. Some prostitutes come to seek his services who respectively keep their private worries or espectations.

Faced with the bitter cold of winter and a campaign against prostitution and pornography , the couple returns to their hometown, Qinglong, where they visit Pearl Shi's Brother and then stay at Li Baicheng's old family house.

Spring is coming; they take to the road once more and travel to a fair where they wait for their luck to turn.


Director's statement: Xu Tong
Life doesn't need meaning in the worst living conditions ,but never giving up may be the whole meaning of life.


Ticket: 30RMB
Tel: 010-84049141
Add: No.23 Doufuchi Hutong, old Gulou Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

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