Faithfully, To The Sun - Neeman Live

2014-11-07 20:30 - 22:30

Faithfully, To The Sun - Neeman Live

When: 7 Nov 2014, Friday 20:30
Where: Yu Gong Yi Shan

Faithfully, To The Sun - Neeman Live


Neemah, translated as the Sun in Tibetan language, means perfection and contentment. The 3 musicians, all originated from Tibet, collaborate with other independent musicians and a Mongolian percussionist, forming the band "Neemah" to explore and to inherit their ethnic music.

To develop the essence of the ethnic music from the traditional and contemporary approach, they search the in-depth genre and attitude from the cultural attitude of the musical history of their origins, and in a brand new performing method Neemah seeks to enhance the intellegence within their work. They are pioneers who take the burden of experimentation and critical creation in this seemingly spiritural-less era.


Line Up
Vocal: Wan Ma San Zhi
Guitar: Na mu
Ethnic Instruments: Gong Bu Ang Jie
Percussion: Xing hua


Ticket: 80 (door) / 60 (presale)Rmb
Tel: 010-64042711
Add: Zhang Zizhong Road 3-2, Dongceng District, Beijing

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