Playwright Scheme IX 2014 - Prospects Theatre

2014-11-20 20:00 - 2014-12-07 16:00

Playwright Scheme IX 2014 - Prospects Theatre

When: 20-23 Nov 2014 20:00, 22-23 Nov Sat-Sun 15:00, 25-30 Nov 20:00, 29-30 Nov Sat-Sun 15:00, 2-7 Dec 20:00, 6-7 Dec Sat-Sun 15:00
Where: Cultural Activities Hall, Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre

Playwright Scheme IX 2014 Poster

《剧场里的卧虎与藏龙IX 2014》-新域剧团

The annual meeting is here! This year marks the ninth "Playwright Scheme" since it was launched in 2006. This year, Mr. Poon Wai Sum bring together 22 playwrights to present 22 plays.

They are theatre practitioners in Chinese drama coming from the Mainland and Hong Kong, with their diverse expertise: seasoned pros in acting, theatre directors who think outside the box, the most sought-after playwrights, or "crouching tigers, hidden dragons" who are ready to pounce with latent energy and gifts.

The audience is surprised by the creativity and ideas that was inspired from everyday life, in the hope that people feel and reflect on your lives.


Convener: Poon Wai Sum
Playwrights: Chan Yan Yue, Tang Sai Cheong, Wong Chun Kit, So Man Kit, Au Tsz Fei, Li Chi Tat, Karen Cheung, Billy Sy, Cheang Tik Ki, Lucia Fung Pui Sze, Fung Kin Sun, Chan Wai Hung, Matthew Cheng, Mak Pui Tung, Hung Sui Kuon, Janice Poon, Poon Pik Wan, To Yiu Tong, Kwok Wing Hon, Chan Siu Tung, Wu Tian Lin, Guo Yanjun


20 Nov Thu 20:00 Chan Yan Yue - Lost Satellite *
21 Nov Fri 20:00 Tang Sai Cheong - Three Brothers *
22 Nov Sat 15:00 Wong Chun Kit - Life Imprisonment *
22 Nov Sat 20:00 So Man Kit - Island in the Mist
23 Nov Sun 15:00 Au Tsz Fei - The Funeral
23 Nov Sun 20:00 Li Chi Tat - look inside a self
25 Nov Tue 20:00 Karen Cheung - A Call For…
26 Nov Wed 20:00 Billy Sy - Transit
27 Nov Thu 20:00 Cheang Tik Ki - Leaping fish *
28 Nov Fri 20:00 Lucia Fung Pui Sze - Criminals by Nature
29 Nov Sat 15:00 Fung Kin Sun - The Legend of Fung Kai
29 Nov Sat 20:00 Chan Wai Hung - Three minute love affair
30 Nov Sun 15:00 Matthew Cheng - elusion of lost *
30 Nov Sun 20:00 Mak Pui Tung - A Child *
2 Dec Tue 20:00 Hung Sui Kuon - My Sin, My Love *
3 Dec Wed 20:00 Janice Poon - A Decision *
4 Dec Thu 20:00 Poon Pik Wan - Flower Burial *
5 Dec Fri 20:00 To Yiu Tong - That Woman
6 Dec Sat 15:00 Kwok Wing Hon - The story of Liang Sicheng or the Wall
6 Dec Sat 20:00 Chan Siu Tung - Litter *
7 Dec Sun 15:00 Wu Tian Lin - Orlando's lover *
7 Dec Sun 20:00 Guo Yanjun - A blind eye *


* The programme contains coarse language, indecent content, violent scene or smoking scene.


Reading Session
When: 20 Oct 2014 Mon 19:30-21:00
Where: AC2, Level4, Administration Building, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Host: Hardy Tsoi
Reading Session is conducted in Cantonese and Putonghua


Seminar - What makes a good drama?
When: 30 Oct 2014 Thu 19:30-21:00
Where: AC2, Level4, Administration Building, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Host: Hardy Tsoi
Guest Speaker: Pak Yiu Charn
Seminar is conducted in Cantonese


Programme Enquiries: 852-22687325/852-26067222
Ticketing Enquiries: 852-37616661
Credit Card Telephone Booking: 852-21115999
Internet Booking: urbtix


Tickets: $60 Half-price tickets available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, full-time students, and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients
Tel: 852-23251970
Add: 2/F & 3/F, Ngau Chi Wan Municipal Services Building, 11 Clear Water Bay Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


*Information provided by Prospects Theatre

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