Gene Mapping - Works of XUE Song From 1995-2014

2014-11-08 10:00 - 2014-11-30 18:30

Gene Mapping - Works of XUE Song From 1995-2014

When: 8-30 Nov 2014
Where: Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery
Opening Reception: 21 Nov 2014 Fri 18:30-20:00

Works of XUE Song


The exhibition presents around 30 works of XUE Song selected from each stage of his artistic development, so as to give audience an overview of the artist's creation from 1995 to 2014.

Born in Anhui in 1965, XUE Song is now one of the leading figures of Chinese Contemporary Art. XUE Song's early art experiment started from 1980s. At that time, the modern art movement in China was flourishing like a strong fire. Made accessible through China's reforms and open door policy, Western ideas that challenged the traditional Chinese concept of aesthetics, like Pop Art, inspired a lot of Chinese artists. XUE Song started to look for free expressions. Apart from the nutrients from the Western ideas, he also found inspiration in an accidental fire in 1990 which then developed into the core of his art belief.

Works of XUE Song

After the fire, XUE Song was experiencing a great impact when he saw everything became ashes. The process of burning liberated him out of the past, and he captured a new meaning of art. XUE Song said, 'My work is born in fire. Burning is the means by which I create. I use burned pieces of paper and ashes from burning to construct my work. From destroying to rebirth, life runs a circle. The images in my work have also gone through a circle when they are "reborn". They have been freed from their original meanings and given new meanings. My work connects historical memories with realities, contemporary culture, and modern perspectives.'

Works of XUE Song

By 1995, XUE Song's style began to surface and the basic techniques became stable. In his works, a visually rich background is made by pasting together numerous fragments of paper from books and magazines with their edges burned, and the foreground is usually an iconic images, such as MAO Ze-dong, Marilyn Monroe, Coca-Cola. These familiar images have been so commonly applied that they became part of the public domain. The artist re-worked these images in accordance with his own style and understanding. As a result, their original iconography is relativized and new meanings are generated.

Works of XUE Song

Starting from 2012, Dialogue with the Masters series demonstrates a mature stage of XUE Song's artistic development. The essence of Mark Rothko, Damien Hirst, Kazimir Malevich, Piet Mondrian and other masters are wittily applied in his work. The use of ashes is even more unique. He mixed ashes with pigments to form the lines of traditional Chinese paintings which are superimposed on the classic works of masters. It reflects the artist's attempt to digest the ubiquitous Western influences through his own creativity and taste。

Works of XUE Song

XUE Song disintegrates traditional culture, and uses these cultural symbols to reconstruct a new cultural meaning. He either interprets history from the viewpoint of reality or uses history as metaphors for the reality. He creates another viewing angle for audience to rethink the history and culture of contemporary society. At the same time, through this kind of comprehensive dissection and reconstruction, XUE Song explores the most fundamental genes of the Chinese culture and discovers their evolution during a period of rapid social changes.

Works of XUE Song

Art critic GAO Ling once commented on XUE Song's art: "XUE Song has never given up the history of China, nor China's culture and traditions; he has also always taken in the art language of the West with the purest of heart; he has never deliberately entertained businesses or accommodated the world of fashion; but he has created a new fashion in his own way. XUE Song has convincingly broken through Chinese traditions and successfully surpassed Western Pop art."


Opening Hours: 10:00-18:30 (Mon-Sat, Closed on Sundays and holidays)
Tel: 852-25800058
Add: G/F, 20 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong


*Information provided by Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery


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