'Days' and 'Nights' of F - A solo show of Russian Digital Artist Anastasia Lebedeva

2014-11-01 15:00 - 2015-03-06 18:00

'Days' and 'Nights' of F - A solo show of Russian Digital Artist Anastasia Lebedeva

When: Nov 1 2014 - Mar 6 2015
Where: Artzooming Gallery
Opening: Nov 1 2014 Sat 15:00

'Days' and 'Nights' of F - A solo show of Russian Digital Artist Anastasia Lebedeva

This project is about frustration and spiritual isolation inside the most developed, modern city of the new Chinese empire. I’m attempting to show bustling and crowded habitats deprived of full interpersonal communication, places that have been transformed psychologically into blank landscapes, spaces that help to restore the self-identity of my characters.

These days, when previously closed borders, both national and informational, have been opened, many people who have lived abroad extensively don't feel they are from any specific nation. I relate strongly to this notion. When you live abroad with no feeling of any particular nationality, however, loneliness is common. In China this is especially true because it’s a society that outsiders cannot integrate into.  

People everywhere have create personal spaces as a result of feeling isolated from society to some degree. As expatriates in China, you build your bubble inside of a gigantic, bustling place. In many cases, your bubble is empty and plain, filled with minimal details.

People become powerful and ruthless, trying to protect themselves and their limited point of view.  They build a dam to protect themselves from the glut of information that in many cases is unintelligible. Dehydration occurs within them. This state of isolation brings about absurdity. And it also allows for a return to a state of harmony with yourself.

I speak visually from a female point of view, trying to analyze the life experiences of my my heroines living abroad and compare it to my own. I speak about ‘days' and 'nights' in a metaphoric sense. I’m trying to show that there is no difference between the bright and the dark sides of our lives and that both of them can be equally mysterious and cosmic.

The people in my photos are meant to be depicted in a dream-like state of maximum relaxation that is born out of utter loneliness. They mentally escape to a place far from their physical reality, where the background sensory information is reduced to next to nothing - a place where the physical shell dissolves into space. This escape from reality is the manifestation of complete peace of mind.

They are depicted questioning the validity and genuineness of their surroundings, in moments when space curves in a warped, contorted way from the viewer's perspective, and obvious visual cues become perplexing.

In this situation, the only thing that can save us is ourselves. We must choose to interpret our reality, choose to expand our preconceptions about physical stability and balance. I want to show the ambiguous, inaccurate images that emerge when a person is slipping from consciousness and decides to take hold and interpret their surroundings. They do so alone, which is central to what I am trying to say with my work.


Add: Coastal Rose Garden II, Shekou, Shenzhen, Guangdong


*Information provided by Artzooming Gallery


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