Dance 100 Likes: Dance, even if no "likes" - Danish Children's Theatre Festival

2014-10-31 15:30 - 2014-11-01 22:00

Dance 100 Likes: Dance, even if no "likes" - Danish Children's Theatre Festival

When: 31 Oct. 2014, Fri 15:30-16:30/19:30-20:30、1 Nov Sat 19:30-20:30
Where: Beijing Penghao Theatre



100 LIKES focuses on young people's vulnerability and their dependence on social medias and everlasting pursuit to be seen.Creating with speed, energy, humor and irony one choreographic world where young people are at the center.


Choreography: Mari Carrasco
Idea and concept: Marie Brolin-Tani
Music: Henrik Munch
Group A: David Cornelius Price, Annika Li Krusensten and Sophie Høeg Jensen
Group B: Antoine Ulysse Audras, Katya Dushka Nielsen and Jade Amber Yu-Lian Stenhuijs


Black Box Dance Company
Black Box Dance Company consists of 6 professional dancers from Europe. The Company's first performance was "Viva, Vive!"This performance has been on tour to Brazil, Sweden and Denmark. The next performance, which Black Box Dance Company performed with, was "100 LIKES", and we have been on tour with this performance in Denmark, Sweden and now soon China.


Price: 120/300(Family package for 3 members)RMB
Tel: 010-64006472
Add: Dongmianhua Hutong No.35, Dongcheng Distric, Beijing


*Information provided by Penghao Theatre


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