A Short Long: Detecting patterns in the world we live in - Danish Children's Theatre Festival

2014-10-29 14:30 - 2014-11-01 21:00

A Short Long: Detecting patterns in the world we live in - Danish Children's Theatre Festival

When: 29 Oct. 2014, 14:30-15:00/18:30-19:00、30 Oct 10:00-10:30、1 Nov 10:30-11:00
Where: Beijing Penghao Theatre



Red and yellow andr grøn blue com on up and stand on the floor, dance a picture dance a song, tringle, square, short and long. Colors and shapes move around, and they turn into a thousand things. 1 2 3 and 4 5 you can decide between all of them and then we will turn into a…?

Lines. Cubes. Circles. Our world is filled with geometric shapes. We ourselves are filled with geometric shapes. Inspired by Kandinsky and his fascinating and expressive force, A Short Long invites spectators to create recognizable forms from seemingly abstract elements. Both with physical objects - and with their own bodies.

A Short Long is a magical and humorous guideline. It helps you detect patterns in the world we live in.


Performers: Anja Holmstrup Kock
Is educated as a dancer at the English Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds and from Fontys danceacademie in Tilburg. Anja has been associated with Uppercut Dancetheatre for more than a decade, where she as choreographer and dancer has been the woman behind the theatres show EN KORT EN LANG, POP, CHAMPIONS, SKAL VI DANSE, FLIP FLAP and the award-winning DASK.In addition to choreography and dance-related tasks, she is in demand as a teacher of Pilates, Yoga Aeriel, jazz and modern dance - as well as creative workshops for students of all ages.


Performers: Anne Nyboe
Is a trained dancer from Skolen for Moderne Dans (2007-2011). In addition, Anne has a BA in Contemporary Dance from Oslo National Ballet Acedemy. She has played a part in creating Cantabile 2's and Carte Blanche Reumert nominated performances, VENUS LABYRINTH and LIVE LIFE, and has performed with Yossi Berg and Oded Graf Dance Theatre and the Theatre Beast. Anne Nyboe is also widely used as a teacher.


Price: 100/240(Family package for 3 members)RMB
Tel: 010-64006472
Add: Dongmianhua Hutong No.35, Dongcheng Distric, Beijing


*Information provided by Penghao Theatre 


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