Full Circle - The 11th Guangdong Dance Festival

2014-11-08 16:00 - 2014-11-09 14:00

Full Circle - The 11th Guangdong Dance Festival

When: Nov. 8/9 2014 Sat./Sun. 16:00/14:00
Where: XingHai PA Garden

Full Circle


Full Circle
Choreography / Dancers: Kevin POLAK, NING Xi (NL / ZH, CN)
Lighting: Kevin POLAK, NING Xi
Costume: Kevin POLAK, NING Xi

Do you ever wonder what happened to the princes and princess after the line “They lived happily ever after”? What happens when the daily routine of live kicks in, family, work, mortgage, kids, cars, schools etc.?


About the Choreographer
Kevin POLAK graduated from the High School of Art in Amsterdam in 1990. He danced for different well-known dance companies and has a broad experience. He joined Nederlands Dans Theater 2 in 1990 where he worked with famous choreographers. In 2006, he founded 2moveDC, represented the company to China many times for performance and exchange activities. In 2013, he and NING Xi, a Chinese artist, founded K&N, where they choreograph and give workshops together.

NING Xi graduated from Fontys in the Netherlands in 2012. Since then she has performed in various cities throughout Europe, collaborating with many foreign artists there. The media praises her as a young creative choreographer with outstanding technique and a profound understanding of Oriental culture. In March 2013, NING Xi founded KUN body art. She created and performed Cord and Golden Fish with the Chinese dancers. She is also the dancer of Dutch Southern Theater. In August 2013, she co-choreographed I, Meet You with Lucas DE MAN (Belgium), which was invited to perform at the Dutch Theatre Festival. In 2013 she co-founded K&N with Dutch artist Kevin POLAK. They currently create and teach dance together.


Add: XingHai PA Garden, Guangzhou, Guangdong


*Information provided by Guangdong Modern Dance Company

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