November 2014 events at The Bookworm

2014-11-01 10:00 - 2014-11-30 22:00

November 2014 events at The Bookworm

When: November 2014
Where: The Beijing Bookworm


Tickets are available from The Bookworm three weeks in advance of each event. Tickets may be reserved in advance by emailing. Reserved tickets must be picked up no later than 30 minutes before the event begins.


SUNDAY, November 2nd at 7:30pm - 75RMB (65 RMB for members)
Beijing Improv Long-Form Performance
Beijing Improv is China's oldest and largest Improvised Theater organization. Its members come from around the world and have been trained in the best improv schools from New York, Chicago, California, the UK, France, New Zealand and more. Script-less, long-form is a popular type of improv that uses audience suggestions to create an extended scene. Attendees never know what is in store but there is always the guarantee of a laugh and a good time. Don't miss this hilarious event!

Beijing Improv is a non-profit organization, so they donate all of their proceeds to a local charity Hua Dan which benefits migrant workers and children through the performance arts.


WEDNESDAY, November 5th at 7:30pm - 50RMB (40 RMB for members)
The Forbidden Game: Golf and the Chinese Dream-Book Talk with Dan Washburn
The Bookworm will host an award-winning journalist Dan Washburn as he launches his new book, The Forbidden Game: Golf and the Chinese Dream, which uses the politically taboo topic of golf to paint what critics are calling "an illuminating portrait of modern China." The Forbidden Game follows the lives of three men intimately involved in China's bizarre golf scene, where new golf courses are at once banned and booming. Washburn, who lived in China from 2002 to 2011, spent more than seven years researching and writing the book described as "strikingly original" by The Wall Street Journal and "gripping" by The Economist.

  Golf and the Chinese Dream

THURSDAY, November 6th at 7:30pm - 50RMB (40 RMB for members)
China's tourism industry-Talk with Brian Linden
Brian's talk will focus on the challenges facing China's tourism industry. With over 1.5 billion domestic trips a year, tourism development is increasingly influenced by short sighted, profit-driven investors. Rural China is seeing the damages caused by this indiscriminate and predatory development. The Linden Centre stands in opposition to this and has tried to develop a more sustainable model that embraces the surrounding communities, thereby preserving their genius loci.

A resident of China off-and-on since 1984, Brian Linden and his wife, Jeanee, developed The Linden Centre in Yunnan Province to help preserve China's tangible heritage. Their complexes serve as bases for deeper exploration of China's cultural traditions and host regular workshops in topics such as photography, culinary arts, holistic health and environmental development. They now have three National Heritage compounds and are working with the government to preserve other sites throughout Western Yunnan, including the WWII Flying Tigers Radio Station outside of Dali and an old tea plantation along the Burmese border. Their efforts have garnered accolades as diverse as's China Hotel of the Year, Travel and Leisure's Global Vision Award, Voyager Magazine's China Sustainability Award and the Society of American Travel Writers
Phoenix Award. 


THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13th at 7:30pm - FREE
Basically Beethoven
The Bookworm hosts Beijing's only classical music open-mic night. Get involved or simply bask in the glory of some of Beijing's best international classical musicians.


SUNDAY, November 23d at 7:30pm - 50RMB (40 RMB for members)
The Girl from the French Fort - Book Talk with Hong Ying
First fantasy novel from Hong Ying who grew up beside Fort Odent has combined her extraordinary imagination with a world of mystery and magic. The story is set on the banks of the Yangtze. A poor river boy is transported back in time to a ghostly world of French warships, foreign sailors, a sad-eyed girl and her heart broken sister separated for ever from the man she loves; caught in a fold in time. Nothing is as it seems…… when the boy stays half a day in the bewitched Fort, six months have passed in the real world. While he has been away his entire life has changed for the worse and terrible events have taken over his sleepy home on the river. Will he return to the enchanted life he found or fight to restore the life he once had? You will know after reading the story……

Hong was born in Chongqing on September 21, 1962, towards the end of the Great Leap Forward. She began to write at eighteen, leaving home shortly afterwards to spend the next ten years moving around China, exploring her voice as a writer via poems and short stories. After brief periods of study at the Lu Xun Academy in Beijing and Shanghai's Fudan University, Hong Ying moved to London in 1991 where she settled as a writer. She returned to Beijing in 2000.


Writing Workshop with German novelist and director Doris Dörrie
Anyone can write! - Following this motto, the famous German director and author Doris Dörrie will help you in this workshop to unleash your potentials in free writing and in creating original texts. The workshop is open to anyone that wants to know how to overcome writer's blocks and how to express yourself.

The workshop is part of the "2nd Festival of German Cinema" that is organized by Goethe-Institut and German Films. Doris Dörrie is the honorary patron of this year's festival. In November 2014 the festival will present a selection of this year's and last year's most important German film productions in the Chinese metropolises of Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Shenzen.


Weekly Events
The Bookworm Quiz Night
Quiz Nights return to Mondays at The Bookworm to offer you the chance to know you're the smartest girl or guy in the room. Dominate your peers over six rounds of intellectual and pop culture knowledge to win drinks and respect. Get in early to make sure you get a seat.

EVERY SUNDAY at 11:00am- 50 RMB
Sunday Story Time
Come along for our Sunday sessions of reading, games, music and activities for little readers. Each week teacher Emily reads new and classic children's books with the help of our storytellers. Ages 4 and up.


Tel: 010-65869507
Add: Building 4, Nan Sanlitun Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing


*Information provided by The Bookworm

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