Lilac in Beer Garden

2014-10-11 20:30 - 23:45

Lilac in Beer Garden

When: 11 Oct 2014 Sat 20:30
Where: Fringe Dairy, Fringe Club

Lilac in Beer Garden

Lilac in Beer Garden-艺穗会音乐会

As the very first stop of their multi-planet tour lasting two lifetimes, they - Lilac - are throwing their very own home-brewed debut show. And they're hopelessly flattered to be able to put on their show in their friends' Beer Garden. Lilac in Beer Garden cooks fries and ROCKS anything rockable around the world. From local Canto-Pop to J-Rock to Western Pop & Metal. So expect surprises around every corner, and of course, the criminal satisfaction of your sadistic desires is guaranteed.


First emotions of love, youthful innocence. Their love for musicking = their love for the Lilac hue (or anything purple-ish). They live in the mystic, hysteric, euphonic and euphoric nation of Lilac. And they call ourselves Lilacians. Here, pain is redefined, misery is embraced. And fear is something they no longer fear. Ecstasy is the thick broth they gulp down every day. When all emotions are cooked together in infernal flames.


Vocals: Raymond Wong
Guest Vocals: Anges Ho
Guitar: Jerry Chau, Dorothy Liu
Bass: Lawrence Ko
Keyboards: Samuel Leung
Drums: Christopher Li


Beer Garden
Beer Garden was formed by a group of good friends from high school. Through their mutual love of rock music, from local band Beyond to legendary rock bands Guns N Roses and Metallica, they've been playing together on and off since their university days. After years of working separately as professionals in different industries, they reunited in 2006 thanks to their shared passion for rock music. Beer Garden covers rock songs from a wide range of styles and periods, and also plays a few original songs. And of course they all also enjoy a pint of cold beer in a quiet, peaceful garden on a sunny day - aaah!


Vocals: Gary Chan, Alice Ma
Guitar: Gary Wong, Jon Fung
Bass: Gary Leung
Drums: Keith Chan


Price: $160 - Includes 1 standard drink
Tel: 852-25217251
Add: 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong


*Information provided by Fringe Club


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