Courthouse on the Horseback - Chinese Film Panorama 2014

2014-10-10 19:30 - 2014-10-19 18:11

Courthouse on the Horseback - Chinese Film Panorama 2014

When: 10 Oct 2014 Fri 19:30
Where: Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum

When: 19 Oct 2014 Sun 16:30
Where: Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

Courthouse on the Horseback Still


On a winding mountain road in the northwest Yunnan, a roving court house is on its way. This disparate group consists of Feng, a retiring judge; Madam Yang, an ethnic Mosuo woman who is the soon-departing secretary; Luo, an ethnic Yi undergraduate who is working in the countryside for the first time; as well as an old horse. Passing through fortified hill villages and marshes, they have solved disputes for different tribes, encountered accidents and even lost their national emblem.

The undergraduate slips away after a disagreement with the team, but Feng continues his lonely journey into the sunset. The film accurately restores the indigenous ethos of the Pumi, Nakhi and Yi ethnic groups. The audience will also come to realize that it takes a long time and much effort for conflicts between social customs and the law to be overcome.


Director: Liu Jie
Screenplay: Wang Lifu
Cinematography: Zhang Hao
Cast: Li Baotian, Lu Yulai, Yang Yaning
Produced by Moral Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Children's Art Theatre Co., Ltd., 3C Films Co., Ltd.
2006 / Colour / 101 min / In Putonghua with Chinese & English subtitles


Best Film, Horizon Prize, The 63rd Venice International Film Festival
Top 10 Best Film, The 16th Shanghai Film Critics Award


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Hong Kong Science Museum
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