Deep in the Clouds - Chinese Film Panorama 2014

2014-10-19 19:30 - 2014-10-24 21:04

Deep in the Clouds - Chinese Film Panorama 2014

When: 19 Oct 2014 Sun 19:30
Where: Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

When: 24 Oct 2014 Fri 19:30
Where: Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum

Deep in the Clouds Still


The Lisu people, an ethnic group in Guangxi Province, believe that the bear is their ancestor and provide for the animal which lives in the nearby mountains. However, bears often stray into their village, killing both humans and livestock. The village elder thinks this is a retribution for evildoers and insists that neither the bears should be killed nor the village be relocated. As a result, the bear becomes a source of tragedies in the village. With stories of ethics and love, the film portrays the simple and loveable primitive life in the village, and the changes in tradition and moral concepts under the impact of modernization.

The director depicts realistically the daily life in a hill village. The actors are indigenous Lisu people who act in their mother tongue. While the cinematography, music and folk songs are beautiful and touching, the portrayal of the conflicts between young people and their older generation is calm, in-depth and not deliberately tear-jerking. Eventually, for the sake of a better life, the villagers have to accept the destiny of relocating their village.

Special Jury Award, Best Music, Best Director, Jury Grand Prix, The 13th Shanghai International Film Festival.


Director: Liu Jie
Screenplay: Cun Wenxue, Liu Jie
Cinematography: Zhang Hao
Cast: Wang Puze, Na Zhenye, Ji'adi, Heipi, Hu Chunhua, Feng Chunmei
Produced by Radio, Film and Television Administration Of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi Film Studio, 3C Films Co., Ltd.
2010 / Colour / 94 min / In Lisu language & Putonghua with Chinese & English subtitles


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