"2nd Line Workshop" Steve Buchanan·Electric Tap Dance - The 4th OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival

2014-10-25 14:00 - 16:00

"2nd Line Workshop" Steve Buchanan·Electric Tap Dance - The 4th OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival

When: Oct. 25, 2014 Sun. 14:00-16:00
Where: A3+

"2nd Line Workshop" Steve Buchanan·Electric Tap Dance

“第二条线”工作坊·Steve Buchanan电子踢踏舞-第四届OCT-LOFT国际爵士音乐节

2nd LINE
Designed and created by Steve Buchanan 2001-2003.

Like most inventions 2nd line was born of necessity. Being both a professional musician and dancer required a practical means to combine the two art forms. 2nd Line is a truly interactive percussion unit, which allows for a full integration of dance and music. A musician can dance any percussion sound and/or rhythmic ensemble. Conversely a dancer can play the same.

The instrument is a square meter divided into 12 parts, each part being a separate sensor//trigger. This gives 12 different voices, in musical terms a complete chromatic scale. The instrument is both analog and digital which gives great flexibility in application. 2nd Line is the 8th generational development of Bucussion, an invention of Steve Buchanan, who both designed the instrument and accompanying techniques. The present design is capable of representing any percussion sound: battery, conga, tabla, tympani, gongs, etc. The technique is centered on the feet.

"2nd Line Workshop" Steve Buchanan·Electric Tap Dance

Concept of the Workshop
This workshop is primarily about rhythm or more specifically what our perception of that phrase means.
Rhythm is of course one of the basic materials which constructs and binds our universe, as we know it, and indeed it might well be the only one. Certainly time as we know it, is this material. It is an extremely broad principle with infinite variation and to understand just that much can lead one quite far. In fact, the title of this workshop is an oxymoron since rhythm is in and of itself communication and in fact there simply cannot be communication without rhythm. In short, rhythm is not only a language there is no language without it, nor could we exist a single moment without it.


Rhythm / Communication
The basic inquiry of this workshop will be to help sharpen and clarify our perception, definition, and utilization of rhythm. Though our practice will center on music and dance, our goal will be a much broader interpretation of what rhythm is and can be. Primarily this means a work to discover and discern one's own personal rhythm and then to express that first to oneself and then to others.  Whether be on “stage” or in everyday life.
The day's work will consist of:
1. Physical and mental exercises
2. Vocabulary development
3. Individual and group work
Although the work will be based on the percussion instrument (2nd Line), all other sounds are to be generated solely by that which the body can produce.


Telling Your Stories
The workshop is in the structure of story and story telling. Often to find and tell one's own story is also to find and determine one's own rhythm.


1.The age limit is 13 years old.
2.No high heel shoes. The best material for shoes is hard leather or a hard synthetic rubber bottoms, sneakers, tennis shoes etc.
3. You need to sign up to participate.
*Dancing skills are not necessary for participants.


How to Sign Up (link)
Deadline: 2014.10.17 12:00
Capasity: 8-16 persons
You receive a message/email when signed up successfully.


Add: A3+, North District of OCT-LOFT, Shantou Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong


*Information provided by OCT-LOFT


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