Ilkka's "City Unplugged"

2014-09-28 19:30 - 21:00

Ilkka's "City Unplugged"

When: 28 Sep 2014, Sunday 19:30
Where: Meridian Space

 City Unplugged

In August 1991, Estonia becomes independent from the USSR, and brings back to its national bank nearly $1 billion in gold bullion that had been secretly hidden in Paris for 50 years. But as the country prepares for a celebration, the Russian mob hatches a plan to plummet the capital into darkness and heist the gold. Needing an electrician to help them, they employ our hero, whose pregnant wife convinces him to take the job: "So what if it's a little shady, 5000 buys a lot of baby food……"

Just when his premature baby is placed into an incubator, the power goes out.

The story of a quiet man who changes the course of world history, City Unplugged pits Evil against Good, the Underworld against the Underdog. During this blackest of nights, a man must find the strength to be a hero to save his wife, his newborn baby - and ultimately his entire country.


Tel: 010-51600496
Add: C&C Park, 77 MeishuguanHoujie, Dongcheng District, Beijing


*Information provided by Meridian Space


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