Zajia lab projects - Root: DEER - Live music + Silent movie

2014-09-28 21:00 - 23:00

Zajia lab projects - Root: DEER - Live music + Silent movie

When: 28 September 2014, Sunday 21:00
Where: zajia lab

 DEER - Live music + Silent movie


Part 1: DEER live (traditional jazz)
Part 2: Silent movie and live music by DEER (electronics – jazz), Films: La Perle, Monsieur Fantômas.


Obscure Objects of Desire
The Belgian avant-garde is unjustly relegated to flower on the wall when compared to its French namesake. The two filmmakers Henri d'Ursel and Ernst Moerman are an impressive testimony to this. In "La Perle" and in a Paris that looks like something from a Louis Feuillade serial, the hero is on a quest for a pearl that keeps eluding him throughout a string of bizarre encounters. Also the surrealist satire, Monsieur Fantômas is conceived as an homage to the demoralising gentleman and conjures up a world in which nothing is impossible and where miracles are the shortest route from insecurity to mystery.

These two pearls of Belgian surrealism are accompanied by the triple sound of bass clarinets, calm and quietly breathing. The bass clarinet is the base material for the Biel trio DEER. From it, they gradually progress to numerous electronic devices. Out of a single fragile sound rises a hypnotically oscillating sound wall - psychedelic, minimalist, and rapturously beautiful.


Zajia lab projects: Roots
The mission of this series is to investigate the role of tradition in contemporary artistic expression and its creative process, as well to learn more about a particular traditional instrument, technique or culture.


Ticket: 50RMB
Tel: 010-84049141
Add: No.23 Doufuchi Hutong, old Gulou Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing


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