Sinotronics presents: BEME III

2014-10-24 20:00 - 22:00

Sinotronics presents: BEME III

When: 24 Oct 2014, Wednesday 20:00
Where: Dada Bar - Beijing


Beijing-based electronic music label SINOTRONICS presents the third Beijing Electronic Music Encounter (BEME), China's most progressive annual showcase of electronic sounds. BEME III hosts 14 artists from China and India over three nights, in three venues, with three distinct modes of experience.

BEME III is a unique, curated cross-section of electronic music producers, DJs, experimental composers, and hybrid electro/rock bands. Even more so than the previous two years' editions, BEME III is a statement for the radical rethinking of what can be defined as "electronic music" in 2014 Beijing. BEME operates off the cliché, providing a critical accounting of what is essential for a forward-moving event that responds to the specific conditions of the Beijing and Chinese music scene.

The theme of BEME III is DARK BRIDGES: hidden connections, unexpected directions, new results. This is not a fallback on the familiar, but a bridge to the unknown.

BEME III will coincide with the first CD release from Sinotronics, the debut album of Beijing's FAR/∞, as well the release of the inaugural Sino-Indian Music Alliance compilation CD, a collaborative project between Sinotronics and Delhi's REProduce Artists. Delhi-based producer and DJ Hashback Hashish will make a return trip to China for two appearances at BEME III, representing REProduce and the vibrant Indian electronic music underground.

World-renowned inventors of the Buddha Machine, FM3, will also officially release their new album Ting Shuoat BEME III. This will be their first non-Buddha Machine release of original material since 2005.

BEME III, Night 1 brings unfamiliar vibrations to Beijing's most progressive electronic music club, DADA. Come early for danceable code glitch from Changchun's JFI and avant-techno from Beijing's iimmune (Sinotronics), ride the wave to its crest with an unprecedented, dancefloor-oriented live set from FM3 (Buddha Machine), and release with deep house, minimal techno, and tech house lasting til the small hours from FAR/∞ (live set - Sinotronics), Menghan (DJ set - Sinotronics), and Hashback Hashish (DJ set - REProduce Artists, Delhi).


Line up
JFI (live)
iimmune (live)
FM3 (live)
FAR/∞ (live)
Menghan (DJ)
Hashback Hashish (DJ)


Ticket: 40RMB
Tel: 18311080818
Add: 101 B building, 206 gulou east street, dongcheng District, Beijing

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