Shi Jingxin and XIN-ART-LAB "DUET"

2014-09-19 19:30 - 2014-09-21 21:30

Shi Jingxin and XIN-ART-LAB "DUET"

When: 19-21 Sep. 2014, Friday-sunday 19:30-21:30
Where: The Chinese Century World Theater

Shi Jingxin and XIN-ART-LAB "DUET"


Everyone has his own memories of the city, impression and experience the unique, here we sincerely invite you to go into the theatre, share XIN-ART-LAB presents you the memory of the two city !

"DUET" Shi Jing Xin and XIN-ART-LAB dance theatre work session following the 2013 were invited to participate in the National Grand Theater - China dance for twelve days, good little theatre national Ministry of culture play performance, the thirtieth Shanghai Spring International Music Festival, by industry praise with inside and outside.

This was the center of the art world of China century altar in the invitation, sponsored by the China century altar "premiere Theatre" the original stage outstanding drama performance autumn season. This time, Shi Jing Xin and her XIN-ART-LAB will bring us her dance representative work DUET, telling and recalling the changes of Shanghai and Beijing with the body language. And this work is also about the introspection of historic mark which can't be copied behind those two cities. The Special performance will put Chinese and Western culture and the pondering of the art into together, sharing the exploration and charm of Chinese contemporary dance with more people. As usual, the performance will present you XIN-ART-LAB's mature and critically acclaimed works in recent years. It will show you two works of different style respectively through the form of contemporary dance and dance drama.

The first one is Stay Alive is good which is commissioned by Singapore Fringe Festival and it was also performed during Beijing international Fringe festival and Beijing dance Fortnight. It tells a story about love and hope in Shanghai via the form of dance drama; the other one is Yuan Ming Yuan which was performed during Beijing Modern Dance Festival and Guangdong Modern Dance Festival. At the intersection of contemporary dance and experimental music, it will lead us into Summer Palace‘s past, telling, reconsidering and feeling that history which can't be replicated. In the DUET, let us fly from Beijing to Shanghai, from the ancient capital of civilization into fashionable magic city, from myself to my grandma, from the little myself to the big life, from contemporary dance Yuan Ming Yuan to dance drama Stay Alive is good. The whole performance takes the dance as the main elements at the same time blended in experimental music, environmental space, drama, sound and text, video, stage devices and so on. XIN-ART-LAB will continue exploring the diversity of performing art. As self appealing about body culture is infinitely expanded under the background of city and history, we will precede our body introspection without any hesitation.


Director/choreography: Shi Jingxin
Music director: Li Tieqiao
Actor: Li Tieqiao, Qiao Jingyu, Leng Tao, Zhao Zixuan, Sun Xiaolong, Li Jingyuan, Shi Jingxin
Stage/Lighting design: Xu Yin
Costume design: Wang Chen
Makeup design: Lin Ying
Graphic design: Wang Zibao
Video design: Yan Fei
Video Edit: Zhu Fucong
Stage manager: Zhang Genjian
Lighting assistant: Hu Jundong
Technical team: Li Yiran, Xia Jing


Shi Jingxin
choreographer, director, contemporary artists, founder and artistic director of XIN-ART-LAB.

At the age of 16, she graduated from the Shanghai dance school, then was admitted to the Department of choreography completed undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Beijing Dance Academy, and then teaches today. Born in Lanzhou and grew up in Shanghai. She was educated in Beijing, drifting after Paris, Berlin, Belgium, Nepal, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, London, New York, Cambodia, Denmark, and Netherland. She graduated from Shanghai Dance School, and subsequently was admitted to the Beijing Dance Academy choreography completing undergraduate and graduate study, and then stayed on to teach today.

In 2008, She became the youngest director of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony director group; XIN-ART-LAB was created in 2009, opened a prelude to contemporary dance and multi-media convergence try to start her creation and exchange between the countries in the world; their successively under the tutelage of choreographer Chen Weiya, Deng Yijiang, and France choreographer Susan - Bo ranks; As the China Scholarship Council "Art class talent, especially training project," the first artist to receive funding, got the invitation of New York University TISCH academy to the New York exchange and creation, under the tutelage of the masters of American Pioneer Drama, New York University-tenured professor Richard - Schechner.2011 invited to participate in the creation and exchange of the American Dance Festival - International Choreography project funded Beijing Dance Academy.

The creative work has won the New York dance video art festival the best dance video award, national independence, double, three dance competitions, "Lotus Cup" Dance competitions in various competitions were awarded the creative one, two, third prize. Co-published art prose "Good Notes", were published in the special issue of the Chinese art - dance special column "New York visit Learning, said Guangdong Dancers Association"dance "cooperation the column "XIN-ART-LAB - For dance words." Creation "NOTHING IS REAL" BOW "、" Museum of the body human zoo "、" live like "、" A dance for God: Awakening, white, Vatican Trilogy”、"Mask of the World"、"YuanMingYuan"、"Empty City"、"memory - time - debris"、"Nightwish"、"Day"、"Ink Tour" series of pioneering work. Training method [Body Architect] architects; lecture series "the memory of the body - the dancer's body language". Exploring, XIN-ART-LAB led by Shi Jingxin is committed to the East Building and dissemination of contemporary dance spirit, adhere to the independence and freedom of expression of reality, and actively promote the public performances, dance art activities.


More splendid activities: Public Art Education Project XIN-ART-LAB
XIN-ART-LAB premiere public field: 19 September 2014 19:30
Artists Speech Communication activities: 20 September 2014, After the performance

Body Architect experience workshop: Everyone is his own body builder
21 September 2014, 13:00-15:30
Registration: for XIN-ART-LAB micro-blog @歆舞界make an appointment in advance, a total of 30 places.


Price: 80/180/280/380RMB
XIN-ART-LAB premiere public field: 40RMB
Body Architect experience workshop: 60 (student ticket)/120RMB


Tel: 010-68583523
Add: Haidian District, Fuxing Road No. 9, Beijing


*Information provided by XIN-ART-LAB




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