Nick V

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Nick V

Nick V

生于曼彻斯特的Nick V从1994年至今都在巴黎DJ,声誉来自在法国首都多个美名远扬的演出项目:Guys & Dolls、Otra Otra、Ballroom和当今的Mona。他这个只放黑胶唱片的DJ有着精湛的混音手法,围绕着house音乐融合Disco、Beats、Funk、HipHop和Jazz等其他风格元素。常态驻场之外,他还会在自己演出的早场安排免费课程或舞会,鼓励客人们与舞蹈互联传送正能量。Nick同时是22tracks Paris的经理,负责管理Deep House和Beats两种风格的播放列表。声音专家的他也是Technopol的兼职雇员,提供建筑声效咨询。


Nick V

Nick V

Manchester born original house head, Nick V has been a DJ in Paris since 1994.

His reputation has grown with the success of the residencies he helped to establish since 2003 in the French capital: Guys & Dolls, Otra Otra, Ballroom and today Mona. He is an all-vinyl DJ relying on smooth but dynamic mixing technique to build his sets mainly around House Music but often incorporating a blend of other genres such as Disco, Beats, Funk, HipHop and Jazz. He also co-organizes his residencies and has more recently encouraged his crowd to connect to the positive energy of dance via free classes or balls given at the start of his nights. Nick is also city manager of 22tracks Paris and curates the Deep House and Beats playlists. He is also part of Technopol and works part time as architectural acoustics consultant.

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