John B Turner(约翰 B 特纳)

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John B Turner

John B Turner born 1943, New Zealand. Compositor, Government Printing Office, Wellington 1960-1965, worked as news photographer, mural printer, and later photographer at Dominion Museum during 1965-1970 in Wellington, lecturer in Photography, Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, 1971-2011. He curated landmark exhibitions 'Nineteenth Century New Zealand Photography' (1970); ' Baigent, Collins, Fields: three New Zealand photographers' (1973), founding editor Photo Forum magazine 1974, co-editor at present; studied history of photography with Van Deren Coke and Bill Jay, Arizona State University, Tempe, U.S.A. 1991. He is a Co-author with William Main, New Zealand Photography from the 1840s to the Present (1993). Edited and designed Ink & Silver (1995) and Eric Lee Johnson: Artist with a Camera (1999), a member Global Nominations Panel Prix Pictet Prize, London, 2009 to present. Currently he is forming Turner Books to specialise in historical and contemporary photography of New Zealand and China.

John B Turner will exhibit' To Save a Forest' in 2014 Pingyao International Photography Festival. This exhibition brings together for the first time works by three acclaimed New Zealand artists devoted to celebrating and preserving the natural wilderness.   


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