Nova Heart - 2014 OzAsia Festival

2014-09-19 20:00 - 2014-09-20 20:50

Nova Heart - 2014 OzAsia Festival

When: 19-20 Sep 2014 Fri-Sat 20:00
Where: Adelaide Festival Centre - Space Theatre

Helen Feng

Helen Feng

Nova Heart-2014澳亚艺术节

Welcome to the surreal world of Nova Heart, Helen Feng's long-awaited solo project that is turning mainstream and predictable dance music on its head.

This 'queen of Beijing rock' and the professed 'Blondie of China', Helen Feng, together with her four-piece psych-rock band, is bringing her musical genius and siren voice to the Adelaide stage.

Simultaneously full of energy and sorrow, Feng reminds us that for every up there is a down, for every pleasure there is a price.


Duration: 50mins
Suitable for ages 12+


OzAsia Festival
OzAsia Festival is hosted by Adelaide Festival Centre and base on the capital city of South Australia - Adelaide, the first was held in 1997. OzAsia is the largest and pre-eminent cultural event in Australia presenting on works from the Asian region and is recognised around Asia as an important step in solidifying Asian - Australian relationships. The Festival engages audiences through theatre, dance, music both contemporary and traditional, film, percussion, food and calligraphy. 2014 OzAsia Festival which celebrates Adelaide's sister state Shandong Province of China, will run from 3 - 21 September and play host to 21 performances and 36 events featuring over 250 artists and presenters from across the globe.


Price: $30
Tel: 61-8-82168600
Add: Adelaide Festival Centre, King William Street, Adelaide SA, Australia


*Information provided by 2014 OzAsia Festival

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