Creative Poles- Zhang Guoyong and Wang Liang reveal Richard Strauss

2014-10-18 19:30 - 21:00

Creative Poles- Zhang Guoyong and Wang Liang reveal Richard Strauss

When: 18 Oct. 2014, Saturday 19:30
Where: The Beijing Concert Hall

Creative Poles- Zhang Guoyong and Wang Liang reveal Richard Strauss

⇒青春·交响 青岛交响乐团交响音乐会-第十七届北京国际音乐节

The 17th Beijing Music Festival 2014 is over joyed to present the Qingdao Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Zhang Guoyong, performing two early works by Richard Strauss. We also welcome the refined virtuosity and exceptional artist icsensitivity of oboist Wang Liang, soloist in Strauss's Oboe Concerto. Re-established in April of 2005, the Qing dao Symphony Orchestra has quickly become internationally recognized for combining world-class musical excellence with a progressive sprit. Primarily active throughout the major cities of China, the orchestra has received invitations to perform at the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall in New York, as well as various prestigious universities on the East Coast of the United States.

Zhang Guoyong began his musical career at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and eventually studied under Maestro Gennady Rozhdestvensky in Moscow. Currently he is Artistic Director of the Shanghai Opera House, as well as Professor and Dean of the Conducting Department of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Maestro Zhang, widely regarded as one of the leading interpreters of Shostakovich symphonies, has made numerous conducting appearances throughout Asia and Europe. Joining him on stage will be Wang Liang, the current principle oboist of the New York Philharmonic. Born in Qing Dao, Wang studied at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing before continuing his musical education in the United States. Upon graduation, he was quickly appointed Associate Principal oboe at the San Francisco Symphony, and eventually hired at the NY Philharmonic.

By the time he was 18, Richard Strauss had composed roughly 140 compositions, including almost 60 songs and more than 40 piano works. Much of these juvenilia pay homage to the musical creed of his father, who favored the "trinity of Mozart (most of all), Haydn and Beethoven." Echoes of Mozart and the Classical style clearly emerge in his Serenade in E-flatfor Thirteen Wind Instruments, Opus 7, dedicated to his composition teacher Franz Meyer. It is the first work of Strauss to have survived in the concert hall. Charming, vivacious and technically sound, the work was premiered in Dresden on 27 November 1882 under the direction of the highly esteemed conductor Franz Wüllner. Contrasting this first flowering of Strauss's musical coming of age is the Oboe concerto, a work that dates from Strauss's twilight years. Sergeant John de Lancie-eventually becoming the principal oboist of the Philadelphia Orchestra-wasstationed in the village of Garmisch-Partenkirchen after World War II. The oboist, gleefully ignoring the strictlyen forced non-fraternization policies of the occupying Allied forces, frequently visited the home of Richard Strauss. And the composer, apparently intrigued by deLancie's suggestion of writing a concerto for oboe and orchestra, swiftly set to work and fashioned a delightful and graceful conversation between soloist and orchestra. Richard Strauss composed his Symphony in D minor at the tender age of 16. Completed with in the space of three months, the work exemplifies the young composer's mastery of form, and presents aclever synthesis of late Classical and early Romantic styles. Make sure you catch this exciting program with music from the creative poles of Richard Strauss' s musical imagination.


Wang Liang, Oboe
Qingdao Symphony Orchestra
Zhang Guo Yong, Conductor


Serenade in E flat major, for chamber orchestra, TrV. 106,Op. 7, 1882
Oboe Concerto in D major, for Oboe and small orchestra,TrV. 292, AV. 144, 1945
Symphony No.1 in D minor, for large orchestra, TrV. 94,AV. 69, 1880


Ticket: 80/120/180/880RMB
Tel: 010-66055812
Add: No.1 North Xinhua Street, Xicheng District, Beijing


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