Zahra Killeen-Chance

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Zahra Killeen-Chance

Zahra Killeen-Chance

Zahra Killen-Chance是一位来自纽西兰奥克兰的舞者并得过奖的编舞者。在舞蹈圈中有大量丰富的表演,Killeen - Chance的作品也和视觉艺术领域联名合作。她曾在The Subconscious Restaurant 2012年纽西兰巡回表演过。并参与2014年White Fungus Depopulate 03在台北宝藏岩的活动。2014年稍早她也参与奥克兰Artspace的合作计划"to and fro"。


Zahra Killeen-Chance


Zahra Killeen-Chance is an award-winning choreographer and dancer from Auckland, New Zealand. Working prolifically in the dance community, Killeen-Chance's work also crosses over into the visual art world. The artist performed on the first Subconscious Restaurant tour of New Zealand in 2012. Killeen-Chance performed at Treasure Hill in Taipei in 2014 as part of the White Fungus event Depopulate 03. Earlier this year she also was part of the collaborative project to and fro at Artspace in Auckland.

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